is it summer yet?

is it summer yet?Justin Aikin on Unsplash

Our prayers have been answered!

If you're anything like us, the hardest decision you've had to make thus far is when the barman asks: "what do you want to drink?" We instantly channel our inner Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice as we decide whether tonight's agenda will involve gin or rosé.

Well, thankfully those days of tough decisions are long behind us as Echo Falls has jumped on the gin and rosé bandwagon by blending the two to make the drink of our dreams. What sounds like a hangover in a bottle is actually a gin-infused wine with a slightly lower alcohol level than your regular rosé. Oh, and it's less than a tenner. 

The drink has been released as part of the Echo Falls Fruit Fusion range which already includes flavours such as Tropical Fruits, White Peach & Mango and Raspberry & Cassis.

The only downside? The fusion drink is currently only available in Co-Op stores...a chain that only exists in the UK. Echo Falls announced the news on their Facebook page which revealed that it was exclusive to Co-Op. 

However, we don't think it'll be long before the concoction reaches Irish shores. Until then, we'll be looking up cheap flights to the UK...

All we need now is for Ariana Grande to become the face of it and we've hit peek millennial. 

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