Meet the Team

Editor: Aisling O'Toole

My favourite bit of U is... The team, I can honestly say I have laughed out loud every single day since I started

My style is... Either super fancy or pyjamas, with nothing in between, and rarely without a hint of vintage or cleavage 

It takes me… (how long to get ready for a night out) It depends on where I’m going and with who, but anywhere from barely a teeth brushing and perfume spritz to full on fake tan and liner flick

My secret crush is...  Cain Dingle from Emmerdale, although he’s become a bit of a pussy recently so ask me again in a few weeks

My guilty pleasure is... From cans of coke for breakfast to taking off my bra as soon as I get home, there is little I feel guilty about

Fashion Editor, Faye

Deputy Editor: Faye McGillicuddy

My favourite bit of U is... All the fashion, but then I’m biased. I also love the interiors – I probably spend more money on my house than on clothes which is a bit depressing!

My style is... Tomboyish. I wear jeans 90% of the time, don’t wear loads of makeup and am always happier when wearing runners.

My secret crush is...  Donald Glover. Not a secret at all though, I’m very vocal about my love for him. Especially when he’s doing his Childish Gambino thing.

My beauty hero is… LIPBALM. I’m fully addicted. I get panicky if there’s not at least two in my eye-line at anytime.

My go to outfit is… Vintage Levi’s, some kind of polka dot top situation and either runners or ankle boots.

My guilty pleasure is... I don’t believe in all that guilty pleasure carry on, just enjoy what you’re doing! If you’re happy, f**k it. Assuming your guilty pleasure isn’t stealing from old people or kicking puppies. I mean more like if you’re into Abba.

If money was no object I’d… Buy a gaff in Dublin? Seems as unrealistic as winning the lotto right now tbh.



Sales Manager: Niamh Ryan

My favourite bit of U is... I love all the fashion!  Also the U Party Pics to see what’s happening and who is wearing what!

My style is... I am kind of bad really, as I love smart casual and buy so much of everything and probably never wear it all… but would love to have Olivia Palermo’s wardrobe and lifestyle!

It takes me...(how long to get ready for a night out) I’d give myself an hour and spend most of that time choosing what to wear.

My secret crush is... Without a doubt is Paul Rudd, ok I need to say Jessie Pavelka too (can’t leave him out of it!) I do love them both! But there is always The Imp from Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister. Yes seriously. 

My guilty pleasure is... Getting my curly blow dry for nights out!