Instagram: @retroflame

Instagram: @retroflameInstagram: @retroflame

Not that we ever need an excuse to celebrate our own, especially in this case, when they're as chic as @retroflame's Erika, but today is a day dedicated to red-heads and we happen to think her style is up there with the best of the Insta-set.

Here's how we hope to be a bit more Erika in 2019.

Appreciate The Power of Tailoring

Erika always looks really polished and that's due in large part, to her preference for sleek tailoring. Opting for outerwear with clean lines and strong silhouettes means that, when paired with leathers and a white tee, she's nailing that high-low mix. 

Find Our Accessorising Comfort Zone

Erika always goes for gold, be with it a set of über minimalist stacked chains or more statement bling earrings, and she never goes overboard. Knowing which metal suits your skin tone allows you to mix and match styles and be a bit of a magpie.

White's A Winner in Winter

Forget ruffles, frills, peplums and bows – wearing white in winter demands a clean, fuss-free aesthetic. We're going to take a leaf out of Retro Flame's book and stick to neutral styling for a polished, confident take.

Experiment With Layering Techniques

Complex layering might be down the line for us, but there's definitely something to be said for delving into a subtle layering technique or two and Erika is the queen of such. Try popping on a plain roll neck under a summer dress or wearing a shirt under an item that a bit more nighttime appropriate instead. 

Know That What's Classic Will Never Date 

They don't get to be classics for no reason. From tan trenches to leather biker jackets and suede loafers, Erika's wardrobe is full of timeless items that she can wear season after season and with pretty much anything. We're taking notes. 

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