It is expected to be the brightest moon of its kind until 2026.

Earlier this year, a super wolf blood moon appeared in the sky over Ireland — though, for many, it was scuppered by cloud cover.

On Tuesday 19 February, Ireland will play witness to a super snow moon, which is set to be the brightest moon of 2019.

A super moon is what takes place when the Moon is near its closest approach to Earth (its perigee, for those interested in the jargon). A snow moon is simply the name of the February full moon, which this year just so happens to be a super moon. 

The reason behind its name lies in the history of Native American tribes. They deemed the February moon, the snow moon because this month historically sees the heaviest snowfall in the year.

Hence, super snow moon. 

The moon is set to reach peak fullness above Ireland at 3.53pm and the moon will be at its brightest at around 5.10pm. However, the moon will still appear quite bright in the sky right through to sunrise at roughly 7.50am.

The super snow moon is the second of three super moons expected in 2019, with the third to come on 21 March. That one is going to be called a full worm moon, which sounds significantly more terrifying than the previous two.

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