28 Days Later

28 Days Later

Looking for an adrenaline rush this Halloween weekend? How does 2000 people, 50 actors and a quarantine-themed venue sound? Lad Lane Presents and Bingo Loco have teamed up to create the ultimate immersive halloween experience, and to be honest, it sounds bloody terrifying. 

If you've been to one of Bingo Loco's or Lad Lane Presents' weird and wonderful parties, you'll know they don't do things by halves. And them teaming up for this event will be no different. 

'The Exclusion Zone'

On Saturday 27th October, they'll be turning Opium ion Wexford St. into 'The Exclusion Zone', where, on entering, you'll be met by military and medical staff, put through a quarantine protocol and spend your night evading constant infection from the horde of zombies who've fallen victim to the V15 virus.

Bringing you a flavour of 28 Days Later, infused with the madness they usually bring to their famous parties - there will be three rooms, each bringing different music policies (house & disco, hip hop & RnB, and 80's/90's), confetti showers, CO2 blasts and Exclusion Zone-themed drinks. 

If you're still not quite sure what might in store for you, check out the teaser trailer below.

The Exclusion Zone

Ireland's Biggest Immersive Halloween Party Tickets: http://exclusion-zone.com Join the event: The Exclusion Zone From the creators of Bingo Loco & Lad Lane Presents, here is Ireland’s biggest fully immersive fancy dress halloween party 'The Exclusion Zone'. You should make your way, as fast as possible, to Opium - the only dedicated safe haven left in the city. It will be packed with safety seekers, ready to party for their last night on earth. Expect live theatre style performance from over 40 actors throughout the night to bring the experience alive. Opium goes Access All Areas with house & disco, hip hop & RnB, and 80's/90's spread across 3 rooms. Tickets to the exclusion zone are not expected to last long and are available on the link below.

Posted by Bingo Loco on Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Sufficiently terrified? Yeah, us too. 

Get your tickets for 'The Exclusion Zone' here. 

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