Can we pay someone to come over and pack for us?

Can we pay someone to come over and pack for us?JLE

Holidays are great, packing is less so. Once you battle the ‘how many pairs of shoes?’ conundrum, you still have to get everything into your suitcase!

This smart little tip is one that cabin crew and serious travellers use all the time. 

Roll, don’t fold.

Yep, simple but effective. Rolling up your clothes will not only magically create more space in your suitcase, it can help your bits and pieces stay (relatively) crease free too. Lay items out flat then carefully roll them into a cylinder shape, tucking in sleeves etc as you go. Pack them in quite tightly as you fill your suitcase, so they don't unravel mid-trip.

Also, if you’ve mastered the rolling thing, and want to take this up a level, packing cubes are the way to go.  

Fans swear they will change your packing life! They’re as simple as they sound – although they don’t have to be cube shaped. They’re small, soft containers in a variety of sizes that keep all your stuff tidy and organised.

There are loads of brands too, from the basic to the super fancy. Even Amazon has a line of them! If you’re a shambles at the suitcase jigsaw, they may be worth a go. It's just a matter of finding a few that work best the shape of your luggage, and you're all set. 

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