Instagram: @gallinee_beaute

Instagram: @gallinee_beaute

Vinegar might not be the first thought that comes to mind, when you think skincare. Unless, of course, you're in the Apple Cider Vinegar Skincare Addiction sub-Reddit club, which we will neither endorse or condemn (to each crazy their own). But there is a new breed of skincare products, that harness the properties of the acetic acid to rebalance the skin’s microbiome. 

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So, wait – does that mean that I have bacteria on my body? Yes, you sure do. And that's good. The microbiome – your body’s healthy bacteria – strengthens your skin’s protective barrier. It limits exposure to allergens, acne, and eczema, aids in wound healing and defends your skin from UV rays. When you protect and care for your skin the right way, you nourish your microbiome too. Bring your skin back to life with Gallinée. 🌿⠀ Une minute, est-ce que ça veut dire que mon corps est plein de bactéries ? Oui, absolument. Et c’est bien. Le microbiome (votre écosystème de bonnes bactéries) renforce la barrière protectrice de votre peau. Il vous tient à l’écart des allergènes, aide à cicatriser, lutter contre l'acné et l'eczema, et fait barrière aux rayons UV. Lorsque vous protégez et soignez votre peau correctement, vous nourrissez aussi votre microbiome. Ramenez votre peau à la vie avec Gallinée.🌿 .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #microbiome #probioticskincare #cleanbeauty #crueltyfreebeauty #veganbeauty #frenchskincare

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We often think of out skin as something cosmetic, rather than an organ. But as the largest in our bodies, it's home to 1,000 different bacterial species and up to 80 different fungi species, each working together to protects against infection, in much the same way a good  bacteria in our gut microbiome does. 

Without a healthy balance of bacteria, the skin’s microbiome is at risk of irritation, inflammation and ageing. Using products that contain prebiotics and postbiotics ensures the beneficial bacteria remain intact and skin stays protected from free radicals and oxidative stress. In addition, pH levels become consistent and the microbiome receives the support system it needs to function at its optimum. ie Happier skin all round. 

So, how can a face vinegar help? 

Unlike your regular kitchen vinegar, an alcohol-free, skincare vinegar product will work between what you remove from the skin surface when you cleanse and what you replenish it with afterwards, without striping the skin of its natural oils, leading to overproduction of sebum or more oiliness in the long run. 

When sebum and dead skin cells block pores, they inhibit bacteria which can prompt spots, acne, dry skin and dullness. It can also mean other ingredients applied topically have a difficult time entering the stratum corneum, impacting everything from how radiant skin appears to how protected it is from free radicals.

After using a Face Vinegar your microbiome will be left refreshed and rebalanced and at an optimum PH, ready to receive the benefits from the products that follow.

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The Face Vinegar, creates the perfect step between cleansing and caring for complexion. Definitely, this has now become our new favourite product! ⠀ ⠀ What is the beauty product you cannot live without? 🌸⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Le Vinaigre Visage, crée la voie parfaite entre le nettoyage et le soin du teint. Définitivement, c’est vraiment devenu notre nouveau produit préféré! ⠀ ⠀ Et vous, quel est le produit dont vous ne pouvez plus vous passer ? 🌸⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #probiotics #probiotic #probioticskincare #skincarejunkies #veganskincare #skincareessentials #pamperyourself #frenchskincare #skinroutine #naturalskincareproducts #microbiome #naturalbeautyproducts #cleanbeautyrevolution #goodbacteria #skincareblogger #gallinee #loveyourbacteria #greenbeautyproducts #skincareluxury #glowingskinisalwaysin #ethicallymade #sensitiveskin #cleanbeauty #bacteria #eatwelllivewell #healthyskincare #vinegar #newproducts #newbeautyproducts

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How do I use it?

A face vinegar is used somewhat like a toner - used morning and/or night, via a soaked cotton pad and swiping across cleansed skin, avoiding the eyes.

What benefits will I see? 


Rich in acetic acid that has astringent properties to gently dislodge dirt an unhealthy bacteria, it also contains tannins that have been found to regulate sebum production. 


Full of antioxidants that stop free radicals attacking and degrading skin cells, oxidative stress is reduced so skin remains protected from external ageing factors.


A recognised AHA (alpha hydroxyacid), the gentle exfoliating action stimulates cell renewal for a smoother, refined finish. It also helps minimise the appearance of blemish scarring.

Shop your face vinegar product below.... 

Gallinée Prebiotic Face Vinegar, €26

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