Denise Van Outen launches Bellamianta luxury Christmas sets

Denise Van Outen launches Bellamianta luxury Christmas sets

Ahead of her star turn as a judge on TV3’s Ireland’s Got Talent, we caught up with Denise Van Outen to discover all of the things she can’t live without. Here to launch the latest Bellamianta luxury Christmas sets, Denise sat down and shared all her favourite things with us.

What beauty product can you not live without?

Bellamianta of course – I love the new Crystal Clear Tanning Mousse.

Who’s your fashion inspo?

I love Heidi Klum & Sienna Miller.

When you think of #LifeGoals who do you think of?

Bette Midler is career goals. I love her

What’s your go-to emoji?

? The heart eyed smiley face!

What’s your most overused word?


What photo is the screensaver on my phone?

My daughter Betsy

In my handbag, you’ll always find…..

Wet Wipes – I’m a Mum!

What song have you listened to most this year?

Spice Up Your Life. Seriously, my daughter loves the Spice Girls.

What do you always pick for movie nights?


My Instagram-explore page is full of…..

I don’t explore on Insta.

Which three people (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Louis Walsh for gossip, Michelle Visage for glam and Jason Byrne for laughs.

What’s your Death Row meal?

Sunday Roast

Who’s your dream date?

Ryan Gosling

On Sundays, I…

Chill with my family.