The first of December is finally approaching and like clockwork, it appears to herald the return of this bizarre beauty trend. I'm no Grinch, but I'm just not sure Christmas Tree Brows really jingle my bells! 

Like most weird beauty trends born of the 'Gram – from the reserved to the ridiculous – it's our brows are bearing the brunt of the creativeness. This time, as a vehicle, to express our full commitment to some festive joy. 

Last year, you might remember the adorned bauble brow (see ref below), which involved 'hanging' (read: gluing) ornaments from a sort of feathery, branching effect.

But now, 12 months later, the bauble brow has transformed festively further, into the Christmas tree brow, complete with green glitter, brightly coloured jewels and even, a star.

But alas, the festive brow trend doesn't end there. Other Instagram makeup artists have opted to honor the big man in red, who comes down your chimney instead, which to be fair, is a little bit more wearable.

Festive brows, while certainly not for everyone, they do show an extra (and I mean that both literally and figuratively) commitment to the season of good cheer, and who knows, maybe that's just what bumps you up Santa's 'nice' list. 

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