A little cosmic dating help here please!

A little cosmic dating help here please!Image: 50 First Dates

It’s tough out there in the dating world. We’ve probably all had run ins with people that put us off their entire star sign for life. Now a popular dating app is helping you steer clear of the signs you don’t click with.

Whether sexy-but-distant Scorpios are your no-go, or you’ve had your fill of dual personalitied Geminis, you can now swerve ‘em thanks to a new filter on Bumble. Even better, you can now hit up people with signs you know you have a astrological affinity with. Or something.

Following on from an update that lets users list their star signs on their profiles, the Bumble boffins evidently realised there are signs some people just want to avoid. So they've created a filter that lets you nix potential dates by star sign from the off. 

Bumble chief of brand, Alexandra Williamson said the company had been working "to create just the right mix of filters that allow for deeper, more meaningful connections”. The star sign option is just one of a number of filters the app has recently introduced to let user refine their searches.

You can also add details like how tall you are, how much you drink and exercise and your family plans. But, who are they kidding: we reckon about 85 per cent of the app's 46 million users will be using the updates to steer clear of their astrological nemeses, and work out who their cosmic lobster is.

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