Running but struggling to push through your BP? Maybe you need to stretch it out? We caught up with Olwyn Kearns from Yoga Dublin to pick her brains on what’s best to do

Like to run and think yoga is for pussies? Yes, you’re not alone! However, both activities can really compliment each other, with running providing the stamina needed for advanced yoga classes and yoga releasing muscles that may be super tight from over use. Not convinced? Read on.

Yoga helps build upper body strength increasing efficiency of muscles as we run. Pumping our arms to propel us forward whilst maintaining balance and a healthy back through a strong core.

Improving the flexibility in the hips through yoga will lead to a more balanced natural stride improving speed and performance. A lighter more balanced stride will mean you are less likely to pound the ground – ultimately helping to prevent injury.

A pranayama (breathing) practice in yoga where we learn to control the breath will help increase overall breath capacity as we run improving our overall fitness and stamina.

Incorporating a yoga practice into your training will help prevent and heal from injury. Learning healthy alignment for our bodies and stretching out tight and tired muscles whilst also building strength will help us run for many years to come.

Mindfulness gained through our yoga practice will help Running become a moving meditation. We begin to run in sync with our breath. Slowing our racing minds so we can think more clearly. Improving overall well being

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