Piss off rain

Piss off rain

When the weather’s letting you down


It’s April, we should be well into the joys of Spring but this winter will NOT LET GO. Even though we have a grand stretch in the evening, it’s pretty useless when it’s lashing out. So what do you do in the meantime? Here’s our fave ways to pass a rainy evening…


Go To The Cinema

Grab your pals and book an impromptu cinema date. There’s loads worth watching but we’re voting for Black Panther if you haven’t already seen it (hello Michael B Jordan) or Midnight Run if you’re in the mood for a total cheese fest (always tbh). 



Baking is something we love doing, but always convince ourselves we don’t have the time for. Well make tonight the night you cook up a storm. It doesn’t actually take that long in reality, and think how popular you’ll be when you rock into the office tomorrow, cupcakes in hand….


Clean Out Your Sock Drawer

Stick with us on this - there’s a theory that if you want to transform into an organised, tidy person who has everything under control, you should start with cleaning your sock drawer. That one simple act will make you feel so good it will set you on the road to Marie Kondo levels of togetherness. Now we don’t know if it’s true but it’s worth a shot, right?


Check The Register

Are you 100% sure you’re registered to vote? Like really sure? The referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution is coming up on the 25th May. Do you want to get to the date and realise you won’t get a chance to have your say 'cause you were too lazy to check a website? Hell no. Check if you’re registered here. And don’t worry if not, there’s still time to fix this. May 8th is the closing date for your local council to receive an application for entry to the supplement to the register of electors. But do it TONIGHT!


Pack Your Bags

If your mornings are anything like ours (stumbling out of bed into the shower, brushing your teeth half asleep, then scrambling around on the floor looking for something semi-decent to wear), we know how to fix this. We don't always practice what we preach but a little time spent the night before packing your bags, setting out clothes to wear (maybe even ironing them!) and getting a lunch together makes a world of difference to our entire following day. Now if we could only take our own advice...