When you're done working from home ;)

We've cleared the shops of bread and milk, we've buckled down and snuggled up, now - with all this bonus time what do we actually do? It's not often we get a few uninterrupted days at home with no plans and nothing to drag us away. So we plan on making the most of this freakish weather and getting a handle on some life admin. Here's some ideas to get you going....

Do a wardrobe clear out

This is one of those jobs we keep putting on the long finger because we know what a pain in the arse it can be, but this is actually perfect timing. Despite the fact it's almost March and we're inches deep in snow, Spring is just around the corner, we promise. Start by emptying out the entire thing to see what you're working with. Bin anything that's in bits, donate the stuff you're not feeling anymore and then put back all the stuff you plan on keeping. Set aside the stuff you're almost done with for Winter and pack it away as soon as it brightens up.

Catch up on life admin

We always have a list as long as our arm of stuff we'll get around to doing when we have the time. Well this is that time friends! Set aside a few hours to go through your bank statements, set up a savings account, ring around for cheaper insurance, all that boring crap that usually falls by the wayside when real life gets in the way. A few hours spent on this stuff over the next few days will set you up for the year.

Check in with friends

Skype those pals overseas you've been meaning to talk to, email old acquaintances you regret losing touch with and meet up with friends who live close by for a walk around the estate. There's nothing like wandering aimlessly around where you grew up with pals you haven't seen in ages to make you feel 12 again. DO IT!

Hit the local

If you're in walking distance to the local pub and it happens to be open it would be a bit rude not to support local businesses and pop in for a cosy pint. That's what we're telling ourselves anyway.


Today is the day to tackle all those tiny niggly jobs we are aware need doing, but keep ignoring. Hanging up shelves, fixing the hem on your trousers, fixing the squeaky door, whatever it is that's been bugging you just bite the bullet and do it. You'll thank yourself next week when you're feeling smug.