Following on from our Adulting How To - The Food Edition, we're continuing our quest to reach peak grown up. And quickly realised that we need some help. Now that we have the basics covered, we wanted to widen our repertoire to slightly more adventurous and impressive terrain. Cue the cooking workshops. We'll be a whiz in the kitchen after these one day wonders...well, here's hoping anyway!

Baking with The Flour Artist

Starting as we mean to go on...with cake. Julie Reardon's cake decorating and baking classes are based  at Elmhurst Cottage Farm, a boutique organic farm in the centre of Dublin 9. Julie's unwavering cheerfulness and patience ensures results from even the most novice of aspiring Mary Berry's, ahem us. What we lack in skills, we make up for with enthusiasm. In fact, we actually made a version of the cake above. A lemon meringue pie sponge. It was entirely edible, just ask our willing taste taster colleagues. Ok we'll stop boasting now but it didn't even have a soggy bottom. Details at or @the_flour_artist on Instagram. 

Sourdough with Sceal Bakery

Call us bread snobs if you wish, but we just love sourdough. Avo eggs just aren't the same without it. Now imagine casually whipping up a batch of your own... yes please! The Sourdough for beginners workshop at Sceal Bakery is our big chance. Learn about flour, fermentation and make your own loaf. Take home a starter culture to bake at home. Details at or @scealbakery on Instagram.

Dinner Party Kooks

So this one might be a bit further down the line, but if you're looking to hold a fancy dinner party, you may as well learn from the best. Kevin Thornton's Kook classes cover a variety of areas including fish, meat, veggie and pastry. You can even opt to go foraging with the chef himself to root out the best ingredients straight from the wilderness... no, your local Tesco on a Saturday does not count. Details at or @kevinthornton5 on Instagram.

Sushi with the Cooks Academy

We like to picture ourselves as sushi connoisseurs here at U HQ. We've been to all the restaurants and it's on the lunch menu regularly. But to be honest, we don't have a clue how these delicious bites are made. To change that, check out the sushi workshops at the Cooks Academy on South William St and learn all about the ingredients and preparation. Don't mind us unfurling our sushi mat the next time you see us. We're pros now. Details at or @cooksacademy on Instagram. 

Pasta with Donnybrook Fair

In our humble opinion, there are few things better than a piled-high bowl of pasta for lunch or dinner. Or occasionally for a late breakfast...don't judge. Make your own pasta, risotto and gnocchi at the Donnybrook Fair class, using traditional Italian techniques. It's making us hungry just thinking about it...bellisimo! Details at or @donnybrook_fair on Instagram.