Quite honestly, we're already broke, and it's not even December yet. So, as an early gift, from us to you, here are some free beauty tips. They're not from the Fab Five... but we're sure they'd approve. 

Heard of the 'Christmas Creep'? No, it's not a reference to the weird guy from accounts, who hangs around too long after the work party. It's about is the gradual lengthening of the Christmas season, with ever earlier displays of lights, wreaths, and decorated trees. 

So, too has Black Friday stretched out, from one day to an entire Cyber week of endless sales and hacking of half-price stuff that none of us need.

Quite honestly, we're already broke, and it's not even December yet. So, as an early gift, from us to you, here are some free beauty tips. Yep, that's right, they won't cost you a thing.

Free things!!! 

Ice Baby 

We'll start off simple, about as simple as they come. Run an ice cube all over your face after a night out. Soothes redness, de-puffs, and costs literally zero euros. 

Close Save 

Water temp while shaving is a preference thing, rather than a science. But what's known for sure is that hot water dehydrates skin. Running a sharp razor along your body parts daily can already lead to irritation, so minimize it by shaving with cold water. Less irritation equals fewer shaving bumps, and you're less likely to get ingrown hairs with skin that's not as dehydrated.

Brush Up 

Did your toothbrush come in a multi-pack? You could save the extras for potential overnight guests, or you could break into them for a very important reason: You. Grab a spare toothbrush (one in a colour you'll remember not to use on your teeth) and spray with a little hairspray, to brush up eyebrows and tame flyaways around the hairline. 

Glow Better 

If you're an avid follower of makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, you might already be familiar with this one. Re-apply your regular moisturizer specifically on the high points of your face before makeup—anywhere you'll apply highlighter. Then, post-foundation, when blending on an illuminating product, it'll add a natural glowing effect to the final look.

Double Lash

The best way to boost your lashes and get the most out of your mascara is to run the wand along the underside of your lashes, as normal, but also take the wand and run it along the top side of your lashes too, with a focus on the tips. This makes for much more volume and even helps lift them more. Just make sure to do both sides one right after the other, things can get a little spidery if you let the coats dry in between. 

Get Steamy 

Curls looking flat and clothes looking creased? There's an easy fix to such getting-ready dramas. Run your shower all the way hot, don't panic, you won't be getting in there, just hanging its general vicinity. The moisture in the steam will help hydrate and give bounce to your curls, while also smoothening out the creases in your outfit.


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