pizza is life, pizza is bae.

pizza is life, pizza is bae.

In honour of National Takeaway Tuesday.

If you're anything like us then pizza is your life so you'll agree that the only thing better than pizza, is more pizza.

Well, you're about to go rummaging for your old maths book because the internet has discovered an equation that maximizes the amount of pizza you get for your money.

We're honestly not making this up. The twitter account @fermatslibrary have come up with an equation that proves ordering one large pizza is way better than ordering two regular sized pizzas. 

If you go by the inches that are standard in most pizza restaurants, you'd think ordering two personal pizzas (12 inches) would feed more than just one large (18 inches). But turns out, you're wrong. Thanks to the equation you learnt in second year, y'know the one used to measure surface area (π x radius²)?  We now know that the diameter of a pizza actually means zilch when determining the size of your pie. 

And before you go and presume this was just some made up meme in order to get a load of likes on Twitter, it's actually been proven by a real-life mathematician. 

Now if you're one those people who paid attention in math class (we were not), you'll notice that the equation has some minor (or major depending on your opinion of crust) issues. The two 12" pizzas have 33% more crust than a large pizza which has since sparked a debate on Twitter. 

But we're here to solve all your pizza maximising problems: order two 18" pizzas. That way you're getting 40% more pizza and 66% more crust. Maths is confusing, but worth it for extra pizza.

And there you were thinking you'd never use maths outside of school!

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