You may run into some difficulty with those you are closest to today, Aquarius. 



The beginning of the day will see Aries make somewhat of a breakthrough where their communication skills are concerned and they will finally be able to have the conversation that they have been putting off for some time now. While you might be anxious to do some investing with your finances, be cautious about where you decide to put your money – and how much too, for that matter.


Taurus may have to take a step back from the more beautiful and artistic things in life today as they may begin to cloud their judgement somewhat. This also applies to any Taurus’ planning on doing some clothes (or shoe) shopping today too! If you’re struggling to be heard in a group situation and you feel as though people aren’t taking your points seriously then wait until things have calmed down a bit, to speak up.


The morning time does not seem like the most suitable time of the day to move forwards with any new business ventures that you’ve been considering lately as they might not end up being as successful as you had hoped. Don’t let greed take over as you run the risk of making a mess of things for your team members too. Luckily you’ll have plenty of energy to keep you going throughout the day.


Cancer will be attracted to the slightly more risky ventures this Friday, with the thrill of succeeding being very appealing. However, it’s important to endeavour to always remain as practical as possible. It’s probably not a good idea to take off to an unfamiliar place without being properly prepared first and having the correct knowledge.


Even though the unique and authentic side of your partner’s personality (not to mention their ideas) are some of the things you admire most about them, be careful that you don’t end up going broke in order for them to explore all creative ventures. Don’t just assume that you’re entitled to something and remember to be grateful for the things you do receive.


Virgo may come to the unfortunate realisation that some of their priorities cannot be avoided and they will have to face up to them sooner rather than later. This may come as somewhat of a shock but a necessary one all the same. This will be felt particularly strongly by any Virgo’s born in mid-September. If you’re trying to impress someone then don’t take any short cuts.


Spending time being creative and exploring your artistic talents is something you would love to have the freedom to do Libra. It might not be a bad idea for you to be a little more cautious about the people you choose to spend your time with. Avoid getting roped into a risky scheme that has danger written all over it; a quick fix is rarely just that.


Scorpio would be wise to steer clear of any new business ventures they’re thinking of signing their name to today or indeed going about looking for a business partner for that matter. If you’ve a lot on your plate throughout the day and it is unlikely that you will get everything completed, start with the most pressing tasks and then go from there.


The early hours of the day are probably not the best time for Sagittarius to go about their daily tasks and chores, as it’s likely this will take them a lot longer to complete than is necessary. If you’re dealing with or handling important documentation then it’s always a good idea to double check the data you are providing for any errors you may have overlooked.


Capricorn it would be advisable for you not to rush into making any fast decisions regarding your financial future as, at present, things are looking pretty changeable and not exactly secure. Equip yourself with all necessary information before agreeing to anything permanent. While you might be incredibly independent and determined to succeed all on your own, don’t turn down offers of help if they are given.


Even though you and your family members might be incredibly close, this doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you will automatically agree on everything. Be careful that people don’t take what you say the wrong way throughout the day as it is highly likely that something will be misunderstood.


Regardless of how difficult it can be, you’re far better off ignoring gossip and idle chitchat. However, it might be a good idea to warn close friends and family that there is no truth in what they may end up hearing. Your stubborn nature will become very evident throughout the day and if someone says you can’t do something, then you will see this as an opportunity to prove him or her wrong.