Try not to be too demanding of your other half today, Scorpio. 



Communication and connecting with people will be very favourable today, particularly anything related to casual meetings with family and friends. Surprisingly, business dealings with a boss or manager could go even better than you would have expected. If there is something you wish to succeed in doing then you don’t necessarily need to be brash or rude to achieve your goals.


Mundane, everyday chores will keep you busy until lunchtime today, Taurus. However, unlike usual you won’t be bored because your good mood and high spirits will help the time to pass. Perhaps there is someone that can help you out in some way but you’re too shy to ask for a favour; be confident, because now is the perfect time to broach the subject.


Even though the plans you made for the years ahead seemed like a good idea at the time, the coming days may cause you to question what you would like your future to look like. Remember, you can choose any path you would like so do not limit yourself in any way. The people you spend time with and those in your social circle could also have a big influence on what you decide to do.


The hours before lunchtime are the best for solving any family issues that have been causing some tension in the home of late. Sorting out these problems will help to create a more enjoyable home life. Even though you approach all of life’s tasks with carefulness and this is your rule of thumb, consider adopting a different way of looking at things and try to be a little bit more spontaneous. Give new experiences a chance.


The morning time looks like it will be the most successful time of the day for you, Leo. You may be surprised by how some unexpected, yet exhilarating opportunity comes about. If you can, try to put the negative aside and learn to appreciate the good things about your partner a little more. Keep an eye out for any activity that gives you the chance to explore the more daring sides of your personality.


Financial matters should be dealt with today, and it’s best to do this before the afternoon. Perhaps it would be a good idea to spend some time sorting out what has been bothering you lately, and depending on the nature of the problem, you should make it a priority. Be careful that the disobedient side of you doesn’t try to withstand doing, what needs to be taken care of.


Something may have happened in the last couple of days, or even the past 24 hours, between you and someone you have feelings for, that has left you feeling unsettled.  You could use this opportunity to become more assertive and persistent, and people might start to take you more seriously as a result. Any hard work or important tasks that require finishing today should be completed in the morning.


Try not to overact if your spouse or partner is unable to meet all of your expectations; perhaps you are being a little too demanding of them and need to be more realistic. If you are feeling as though your friends and family are not understanding you fully today, then it’s best to remove yourself from the situation before things turn sour. Also, any perspective business ventures that seem a little risky are best left for another time.


In terms of your career, now is the perfect time to consider all of your options; if you have been dreaming of doing something new then go for it! Avoid getting side-tracked by focusing your attentions on the most essential tasks only.  If you find yourself having to explain some of your decisions to friends or family members who don’t always agree with you, then remember to stay calm when defending these actions.


Sometimes some space and time away from your spouse or partner is the healthiest thing to do; if you are in each other’s pockets all day then try to become more independent, so that you will appreciate the time you spend together more. Forget about fancy (and expensive) treatments, relaxing doesn’t have to cost a penny; a bubble bath or even an afternoon nap, are all free! Sometimes plans change, and if this is the case, just go with it.


The more work you put into something today, the happier you will be for it. You may even be surprised by the end result. If you are an Aquarius who was born in mid-February, then the morning hours are very important as they could help you become closer to achieving your goal. The people you spend your time with may have a slight personality change in the days ahead, and the things you say may, unintentionally, offend them.


A collaboration or some type of group project will work out very well this morning, Pisces. You may find that the opportunity to finally resolve an old argument presents itself, and if so try to sort things out once and for all. Some conflicting ideas may be swimming around in your head today, whereby one will be much more appealing than the other.