Start your weekend nice and relaxed today, Libra.



Aries this Friday morning you will be able to face problems with a positive attitude and this approach will help you to see things a bit more clearly. You might also get the chance to have a conversation that is long overdue; take your time and be sure to explain your point of view clearly.


Deciding on an appropriate plan to deal with difficult or challenging circumstances is often half the battle; therefore Taurus, if you apply this reasoning to any struggles you face today, you are sure to get through them. Avoid being too afraid to ask for advice or help if you need it.


Gemini, it might begin to feel as though things are almost too good to be true at the moment, but don’t be tempted to ruin it all by trying to make things a bit more exciting – you may live to regret your decision. Try not to get involved in secret keeping or other people’s affairs.


If you’ve been longing for some change and a bit more adventure in your life lately then you should try not to let this take over too much. Evdeavour to remain a little more down-to-earth from now on and avoid risky financial ventures or dodgy deals.


Leo, you and your other half may experience a difference of opinions this Friday and butt heads on even the smallest of things. If you’re beginning to feel that they are really getting on your nerves, take some time for yourself to cool off and relax a little.


Virgo, your creative ideas and imaginative streak will outshine all other more practical items on your agenda for the day. However, you might begin to realise that not all of these ideas are viable options. Your personality might not fit too well with new people or large crowds.


Libra, embrace relaxation and tranquility this Friday. Start the weekend in the right way by avoiding too much pressure and racing around in lots of different directions. That said, it’s good to note that the things you do not manage to finish today, will still be waiting for you tomorrow.


You may begin to feel somewhat uncomfortable in your surroundings today Scorpio and this may be as a result of tension and arguments between the people around you. Don’t allow these people to ruin your day! New opportunities and experiences will become much more appealing today also.


Don’t get too flustered if a conversation does not go your way today Sagittarius or if you feel as though your opinions are not being heard. Endeavour to remain confident in your own beliefs and don’t feel discouraged by the reactions of others.


Good news for Capricorn today, as it’s likely they will be in a bright and cheery mood right throughout the day this Friday. This might be as a result of your financial position, or perhaps you’re just keen to embrace the good and forget about the negative.


Aquarius should be careful of how they word things because there is potential for a misunderstanding to occur; either that or perhaps you will take something, someone else says the wrong way. Someone you always associated with words of wisdom may surprise you with their sharp tongue today.


You’ll find it increasingly difficult to remain in control today Pisces, so don’t be too alarmed if you begin to feel as though things are starting to get a bit out of hand. Steady yourself, form a plan of action and get your act together once more!