Don’t ignore obvious signs today, Taurus.



Aries, if you have been meaning to invest in some items that are becoming somewhat of a necessity then this Friday looks like a suitable time to do just that. However you will find that when it comes to your finances and managing your accounts this will be a lot easier also.


You would be wise to pay close attention to how you’re feeling today Taurus, be cautious that you do not over do it. While a challenge is always a good thing, don’t push yourself too hard. You might also find that you will be less inclined to entertain people who you do not see eye to eye with.


If you’re a chatterbox by nature then today it might not be such a bad thing to speak less and listen more Gemini. You should also try to steer away from making promises you might not be able to keep! Ideas will be brimming in your head and you’ll find you will be much more resourceful.


Cancer is likely to be successful in most, if not all, of their endeavours this Friday. So, don’t shy away from something even if it seems like a tough challenge. Your approach to the situations you encounter and indeed life, will be an optimistic one.


Leo, it’s best if you do not rush into making any hasty decisions today as you may end up choosing the wrong option. Take your time, focus on your options and make sure you are completely confident in your choice. The people you interact with today, particularly if they are in a position of influence or power, will be very important.


Any Virgos born I mid-September will be at their most confident and comfortable within themselves today. Make the most of this feeling and embrace the opportunities it brings you. New changes will not be as scary as they once were and instead you may begin to embrace these in time.


Libra, it would do you the world of good to think carefully when dividing assets, property or similar possessions. It’s also not a bad idea to fully trust the people you choose to look after sentimental items. However, you may also learn that material items hold much less value than they used to.


This Friday Scorpio will not find it too difficult to engage in useful and interesting conversations with the people around them. You will be able to use your knowledge on subjects you are confident on to your advantage. You might find a good friend in someone extremely unlikely.


It would be a much more practical idea for Sagittarius to concentrate on their routine work and everyday chores today, and avoid things such as romance for the time being. This is better focused on when you have sufficient time and resources to see where it will go.


Capricorn, you might find that the idea of spending too much time in the company of large crowds will be less than appealing to you today. Therefore, if you can, why not consider spending some time on your own to have a think about any issues that have been on your mind lately and try your best to work through them.


Today looks like the ideal time for Aquarius to finally get to grips with household tasks and chores that have been building up around them recently. While few people actually enjoy this type of work, forming a plan of action and seeing it through is the best way of ensuring all tasks will be complete.


Pisces, the time you spend with the people you care about the most will be very special to you today. For once, it is unlikely that you will be in a rush and busy doing other so-called more important things. If you enjoy meeting new people and expanding your social circle, then it’s best to focus on the friends you already have for now.