You’ll face some tough tests today, Scorpio.



This Friday, Aries is likely to feel a little low and not in the best of spirits. If this is the case, try to get out and do something active with friends or family who put you in a good mood. Perhaps money worries or financial issues are to blame for this?


Don’t waste too much time today arguing back and forth over small and trivial things Taurus. This will not get you very far and will almost certainly hold you back in other, more important, areas. You might find it a challenge to clearly put your point across.


Gemini will face a few tough challenges throughout the day that are likely to be associated with their career. If this is the case, it’s best to seek advice from someone who will be more experienced with these matters. There’s no shame in admitting your weaknesses.


Someone you’re very close to and have a lot of respect for will hurt you greatly this Friday. You will find this difficult to get over, as trust might be broken for the final time. If you realise that you’re the only one who didn’t know something important then perhaps it’s time to start looking for a new circle.


Your finances will be in good order today Leo and therefore this will encourage you to look for other ways to boost your income – there’s a high chance you will be successful at this too! Someone you barely know might make you an offer you’ll find very difficult to refuse.


Virgo, work on budgeting this Friday and keep in mind saving a little extra for a rain day – you never know when you will experience one of these. Work hard to get what you want and go where you want to go. Just because things are going well at present, don’t become complacent.


Libra, if you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately be careful that you are not pushing your other half away because of this. Try to spend some time with them throughout the day and iron out any differences! Although, it’s possible that you’ll have a long and busy day at work.


Scorpio, it seems as though this Friday will be something of an uphill struggle for you and you are likely to face plenty of challenges before the evening time arrives. You may end up disappointed with yourself if you are not able to finish something you started.


You will most likely err on the side of caution today Sagittarius, whatever situation you find yourself in throughout the day. If you’re just getting to know someone new recently, then you will be anxious to take this slowly before making this official.


Even though it’s very difficult to bite your tongue when you need to get something off your chest, at times this is absolutely necessary (especially within a professional atmosphere), otherwise you may regret your words at a later date. You may encounter people who are not very forgiving, so keep this in mind.


While you might usually be very organised and not particularly spontaneous – especially where money is concerned – this Friday is about to change all that Aquarius. Don’t be too surprised if you find yourself making some very unexpected purchases!


Pisces, today you will do your very best to show other people your worth and this will most certainly pay off! Make yourself indispensable if at all possible. Keep calm when facing difficult situations, this will help you to think clearly and not make silly mistakes.