Trust your instincts today, Pisces.



Aries, if you have been feeling somewhat deflated throughout the day and not your usual chirpy self, then perhaps you need a little break from the your usual routine. Go on a little holiday and get away from it all for a while.


You will be particularly headstrong today Taurus, however this might not necessarily be such a bad thing. Perhaps you can use your strong will to make a point or a stance about something you feel strongly about? This will not be viewed as a weakness.


Gemini, you may be known for your ability to see the funny side of most situations and for always maintaining a positive attitude. Your quick wit has not gone unnoticed either! If you have an important business meeting to attend, then be firm but polite in your reasoning.


Today might be better spent at home rather than running around trying to get everything done al at once. Instead pick one task or chore that you have been avoiding for some time now and see it through once and for all!


Leo, while the point you’re trying to make might be absolutely correct, perhaps the way you’re going about making it is what is the matter. Therefore, opt for a slightly more subtle approach and don’t be so brash when trying to make your feelings known.


This Friday looks like it will bring you somewhat of a choice Virgo, you can either take a risk or forever regret not doing so. There is a fine line between being overly cautious and overly courageous. Don’t go against your instincts.


Libra, a lot will take place for you this Friday and you may need a lot of strength to deal with everything properly. However there is also a chance that others will look to you for guidance or help if they are feeling lost. You can only do so much, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t help everyone.


There is a big difference between acting on emotion and reacting badly to something you don’t take too kindly too and Scorpio may have to learn this the hard way today. If there is something you desperately want and are will do to whatever it takes to get it, then you have to be prepared to sacrifice.


Sagittarius your creative genius and hard work ethic will be your main focus this Friday. Your sense of adventure will also be present and therefore you’ll be on the lookout for fun and unusual activities. However don’t be too brave; keep things within reason.


Let today be the day where you finally deiced to make a change for the better Capricorn. If your current lace or work or residence doesn’t make you want to be there, then look around for other, more appealing options. Don’t waste anymore time!


Aquarius, watch how you say things today and particularly how you say them to certain people as they may be more sensitive than you and the chances of you causing them offense or upset, even by total accident, are very high.


This Friday Pisces will learn the importance of trusting their instincts and going with their gut where all decision making is concerned. Your imagination and the ability to see the potential where others cannot, will be very strong also.