You’ll pay close attention to the smaller details today, Virgo.



Aries, there’s some good news for you this Friday as it’s likely you will be in a good place and feel content with the way things have been going recently. This more positive outlook could also be responsible for your ability to see the glass as being half full, rather than the other way around.


Why not use this Friday as the first day of a new you? Try to be a bit more brave and spontaneous and stop being so worried about the “what ifs” all of the time. This will be a liberating experience for you. A routine is good but sometimes breaking that routine, is even better.


Gemini, the people you surround yourself today will play a big part in how you feel. If they have a somewhat bad view of the world, then it’s likely that this will affect you too. Instead opt to hang out yourself in situations where you will be surrounded by positive and calm people.


While you may have a big heart and will go above and beyond to help your family and the people you care about, it doesn’t mean that they are willing to do the same for you. Try not to let other people take advantage of this kindness and use it against you. Also, family can be anyone you want it to be!


Leo, even though you’re naturally a very outgoing person and really enjoy being in the company of equally energetic people, today there’s a change that you will feel even more full of life than usual! This will be great, provided you do not have any serious events to attend to!


The smaller details that other people probably wouldn’t even notice, will mean a lot to you this Friday Virgo and you may even be hurt if someone doesn’t notice all of the effort that you have gone to especially for them. You will be very focused on the task at hand and your concentration levels will be good as well.


Libra, your sense or right and wrong will be sprung into action today and it may result in you getting caught up I something that, really had very little to do with you in the first place. Pick and choose your battles and if there is something in particular that you are really passionate about, by all means see this through.


If other people are fretting and stressing about the smaller things in life, it is unlikely that you will also get caught up in this rat race. You will, however, react very quickly if you feel as though someone is threatening you in some way. Remember, you can assert your authority in lots of ways.


Sagittarius, perhaps you’ll have a bit of spare time this Friday at one point or another throughout the day, and it would be wise to use this time to work on a project you have been stuck on for a wile now. There may also be someone who could use your insight and knowledge about a particular topic.


Your strong wok ethic will see you achieve even more than you had hoped for this Friday, Capricorn. This will mean that you will have more time than you had bargained for to work on something new. Don’t let this go to waste though. Why not try a new hobby or pastime?


Aquarius, your sometimes over-eager attitude might result in you taking on more than you are capable of this Friday and you may end up feeling a little overwhelmed with all that you have to get through. If you do not succeed this time, don’t view it as a failure, just remember not to do the same next time.


This Friday looks like a good day if Pisces has any big decision, or indeed decisions to make. If in doubt about which way to turn trust your instincts and go with your gut at all times! Start off with the smaller things and then the bigger decisions may not seem so bad.