If you want to make a change, take baby steps first Pisces. 



The best, and most efficient, way of getting what you need to do finished is by taking it one task at a time and following your instincts. You could find that the most unusual things inspire you today, including something someone says or perhaps even an ad on TV. Try to put yourself and your own needs first for a change, this will probably suit you fine anyway.


It’s possible that your good mood and optimistic spirit is down to your strong belief that things will eventually get better. Although you may have a little bit of a devious streak it’s best to keep this under wraps in order to avoid any confusion that may follow. You might experience some changes with a partner or spouse and your relationship could be put to the test.


If you’re having some trouble committing, either to a person or an idea, then now is the time to be productive and take a leap of faith. A fear of failure is very normal, but remember that success also takes some guts! Maybe you have some plans that are not quite there yet in terms of being completely fine tuned, however do not discard them, you never know how they will be useful in years to come.


Your endurance will be put to the test today Cancer, and the ability to power through whatever challenges you may come up against will be extremely useful. Reaching a target we have set for ourselves is difficult and often the closer we come to the finish line, the tougher it gets. While being there for other people is lovely, do not make halves of yourself.


You should be feeling pretty content today Leo because the happenings of the day will work out in your favour. However, it’s advisable that you hold off on finalising any important plans because your good mood could potentially distract you from seeing things clearly. If you receive some news or interesting information then before you rush off to tell someone else, make sure that your sources are trustworthy. 


Easy jobs that don’t require a lot of thinking will be perfect for you today, Virgo, as certainty and a pedantic nature will not be your strong points. However, financial issues that involve you possibly receiving some money will be of great interest. Even though you are usually very certain about your decisions once you have made up your mind, today you might begin to doubt your own decisions.


Libra’s spouse or partner will be in a very romantic mood today and this will greatly improve things in your relationship. Important business deals or meetings are unlikely to be successful today so it’s best to leave these for another day. Someone may be unusually kind towards you and this generosity will be greatly appreciated.


Scorpio, you will be most productive today if you make a plan and stick to this time frame. Avoid trying to complete all tasks in one day and be realistic about what you are taking on. Usually it’s best to go with your instincts when making decisions but it might be an idea to listen up to those who have more knowledge on a particular subject than you do. 


Resting and chilling out with the people you are close to, is always a good idea Sagittarius, so if possible, make the most of this unexpected freedom for the day. A long walk is a great way to clear your head after work or to work through things that have been on your mind lately. If you feel the need to talk to someone that has upset you, be clear on what you want to say and avoid letting your emotions steer the conversation.


Working on the relationship you have with your family will be of primary importance today and you should dedicate as much time as possible to sorting out these issues. Something unexpected that requires both yours and their attention could be a positive step in brining everyone together again. A new relationship might turn out to be more work than you had originally planned.


Some fresh air and light exercise will not only help to clear your head, but it will also be beneficial to your health. Be careful that a good opportunity does not pass you by without carefully considering all your options. It will be easy to get side tracked and take your eye off the ball in terms of your career because you have other, more pressing issues on your mind.


Keeping active should be your top priority today so avoid being unproductive by making a plan and sticking to it! If you have been considering making a change recently, either in your career or in your personal life, start by making little changes first to give yourself time to adjust properly. Avoid being roped into petty rumors and walk away if discussions turn into gossip.