You may be called upon to support a friend today, Libra. 



Today you may feel like taking a back seat and letting everyone else get on with the hard work. If you are beginning to doubt yourself and you ability to manage the tasks at hand, trust your instincts and you should be fine. You may have a very enlightening conversation with someone close who is bound to be honest and truthful with you.


If you are normally a very feisty person and have a tendency to speak before you think about what you are saying; today you will begin to adopt a more relaxed approach. Any Taurus’ born in mid May you will have a lot of trouble following the rules. Regardless of how let down you feel by the people around you, the inner strength you possess will help you to be independent and strong.


Being disciplined and having a lot of will power is great, especially if you have a specific goal in mind; however, try not to be too regimented every day. It’s good to let go of the control from time to time. Be realistic in what you expect from yourself and others. If you hold someone to an extremely high standard that they cannot measure up to, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.


You will enjoy a day full of rest and relaxation today Cancer. If there are things weighing on your mind, try to forget about them for the time being; worrying about a situation rarely helps matters. If possible you should try to get outside and enjoy some fresh air today as this will help clear your head and improve your mood. The people you are close too will become much more important to you over the next few days.


Do not lower your standards because you are afraid you will not achieve the targets you have set; be ambitious and no not take no for an answer. Keep an eye on the smaller, and seemingly, less important details because these could end up taking up a lot of time at a later date. If there is something that you are unhappy about and you feel like someone has been unnecessarily harsh with you – don’t focus on getting them to admit they were wrong and instead look to coming up with a solution to the problem.


Your practical nature and inquisitive personality will work well together today, Virgo. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with those you have not spent enough time with lately; if you have kids perhaps they would equally enjoy spending some quality time with you too! The possibility of starting a new project or a new opportunity excites you and you are always open to exploring new possibilities. 


This Friday is a great day for any Libra’s who have a lot of work to complete; this will be most successful if you switch off from the outside world and try to focus on the task at hand. If there are any household chores that need to be completed, today is also the perfect time to do so. People may call on you to be there for them when they need you most, and you will be more than happy to oblige them in any way you can.


Go on an adventure today Scorpio; take a drive or go to a place that you have always wanted to visit. If you were a November baby, then you should really listen to what your gut is telling you when it comes to making important decisions. An light and friendly conversation could take a nasty turn where the other person may try to get information from you or be unnecessarily aggressive. Try to be the bigger person and walk away from the situation.


If you can, you should take the opportunity today to concentrate on the things that keep you happy and make you feel good – a hobby or an old pastime are always good places to start. Avoid any extremely stressful business undertakings or jobs that require you to exert yourself. If you do not feel up to it, it’s best to leave t for another time. You will be eager to gain success in your career and will look for ways to improve your position.


Capricorn should take the opportunity to do some last minute studying or perhaps even get some work done with a colleague or business partner. You may come up against some unexpected bumps in the road that will be very inconvenient, however by staying calm and forming a rational plan you will be able to handle any situation. You might make new friends today or meet a group of like-minded people.


It’s perfectly normal to avoid talking about something we would rather not discuss, however if you get the chance to address the issue with the relevant person then you should not let it pass you by. Sometimes bad experiences can stop us from trying something new, however you should not allow these to determine your future too.


Today will make it very easy for you too get in touch with people you have not spoken to in a while; these may have moved to another country or be loving much closer to home. You might accidentally meet some new and interesting people that you get on with really well! Aim to surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you want to get out and enjoy life.