You may discover an unexpected passion today, Sagittarius. 



This Friday is a great time to add any new additions to the home if this is something you have been considering for a while. You may feel like treating yourself to a fancy dinner and if you have the means to do so then why not? If you are thinking of making a big purchase that will impact you financially down the line, then you should carefully consider the possible negatives.


Taurus will be in the mood to give their home a bit of an interiors overhaul today and will be on the lookout for beautiful things to decorate their space with. If this applies to you though, be careful that you do not go over budget and get carried away with all the spending, especially as your tastes have grown more mature (an expensive) over time.


An influential person, who freely gives what they can to others will become very inspirational in your life and encourage you to also do something good and rewarding. You might come up with a novel idea that will directly improve or impact the area in which you live. Honesty will be coming your way Gemini and whether you appreciate it or not, someone will tell you exactly what is on their mind.


You will be surprisingly successful today Cancer and this will help you to move forward with any plans you have had in mind lately. The prospect of furthering your education, in a different country no less, may appeal to you. Despite the temptation, keeping your morals strong as you move forward will stand to you in time to come. Perhaps it is a good idea to pause and take stock at some point throughout the day.


Even though you may normally stray away from any risky financial ventures, today Leo may be more inclined than usual to borrow money to pursue an exciting project. This may or may not turn out to be as successful as you had hoped, but it could have the potential to increase your salary somewhat. If a loved one or close friend is going through a tough time, then make sure that you are sensitive to their needs and don’t push them to talk if they don’t feel like it just yet. Be there for them when they are ready to open up more.


If you are offered an incentive to do a job to the best of your ability then you should take this opportunity and work your hardest. Any Virgos’ who are self-employed or who have set up their own business may find that there are more problems than they had anticipated and you should get to work on solving them immediately. The day’s unexpected events may see you becoming a little more skeptical than you normally would.


You will reap the rewards from working as part of a team so long as you remember that other people are also entitled to have an opinion too – you may also receive some financial gains as well. If you are planning on giving someone a present then you should take extra care when wrapping it up. The polite and tactful side of you is one of your most important traits.


There may be some issues in your household today Scorpio where people will not see eye to eye and tension may ensue as a result. This could apply to members of your family or your relationship. Unfortunately, even though planning a holiday should be something fun and exciting, this could be one of the reasons behind this pressure. If money is causing you some worry this month, consider holding off on unnecessary purchases for the moment.


You may discover an unearthed love for something surprising and this newfound passion will take up a lot of your time over the coming days. You may also find that you will enjoy entertaining and having dinner parties for friends – people will leave your house feeling content and in good spirits. Even though you normally prefer to stay in the background, today you may be forced to take a spot centre stage.


This Friday is a good time to catch up on some much needed rest and spending the day relaxing and carrying out leisure activities will be in your best interests Capricorn. If you’re regretting spending some (now) much-needed money on an unnecessary buy, think of it as a mistake you will not make twice! Surprisingly, you will get a lot of good out of watching someone else be rewarded for their achievements.


Aquarius will be tempted to have a lazy day today and the thoughts of doing some actual “proper” work will not appeal. Instead you should pour what energy you do have into organising a get-together for family and friends and focus on putting on a spectacular spread that everyone will enjoy. If there are some more serious issues that you need to discuss with someone then it would be wise to hold off on this for a couple of days.


Pisces’ intuition will be very strong today and they will possess an acute sense of what their family needs at a particular moment in time. The saying ‘it’s nice to be nice’ should be ringing in your ears all day long and if you abide by this mantra you will be rewarded greatly. Perhaps you are overreacting to a situation and if you take a step back you will see things in a different light.