Be careful that your imagination doesn’t get the better of you today, Cancer. 



Aries, today you should take any opportunity you can get to express your creativeness and artistic personality. Don’t be tempted to subdue parts of yourself as you may end up feeling like you are pretending to be someone else. If you are a parent then you should make some time to do something fun with your kids. An interesting conversation might get you thinking.


Your homely inclinations will kick in today Taurus and as a result you will be more than happy to spend time in the company of your family in familiar surroundings. If you don’t want the past to repeat itself then don’t allow it to – go about making the necessary changes to avoid unwanted déjà vu. A troubling situation may need some time to work itself out so try not to rush the issue.


Gemini if you’re out and about today don’t be alarmed if you find that your memory is not keeping tack of things as quickly as you would like. If you’re worried about forgetting something important a good old-fashioned list always work a treat. A chirpy, up-beat person is nice to have around although today they may get on your nerves more than anything else.


You might be inclined to let your imagination get the better of you today Cancer although you should try and reign this in a little bit. The tendency to think outside the box and not follow the ‘rules’ might also apply. Influential people can be very persuasive, however you should be careful if they try to sell you something unnecessary or try to bring you round to their way of thinking.


While being active and having a healthy approach to keeping fit is a great thing, be careful that you don’t overdo it and end up pushing yourself too much. If you have been achieving a lot lately and reaching all the goals you set for yourself then perhaps now is a good time to take stock and enjoy what you have accomplished. A fun family event could be the perfect way to spend your afternoon Leo.


Virgo might enjoy some time alone today and the solitude could make way for some creative inspiration. It’s best to steer clear of any important documentation throughout the day, and particularly if it involves working with figures or tricky calculations as it is highly likely that you will get cofused. Lots of people are good at talking but very few are as talented when it comes to listening to other people.


Someone you are extremely close to might ruin your trust in them by telling you a lie. Your instincts and knowing their personality pretty well will be your safest bet when trying to get to the bottom of the situation, however even when you do find out their reasons it will be of little comfort to you. Instead of throwing stuff you don’t want in a bin have a look around and see if someone else might like to have them.


Scorpio would be wise to hold off on any important business meetings, speaking to a manager or someone in a position of power for the next couple of days. Now is also not a good time to finalise any deals or projects that you have in the works. Your energy levels will be stronger than ever and you will be ready to face the day with eagerness and determination.


Making friends or relating to other people will be a challenge for you today Sagittarius. Equally, you might find it difficult to understand someone else’s choices if they differ dramatically from your own. Maybe you should consider spending some time alone and focus on reflecting on yourself a little bit more. This could also help you to feel a little calmer also.


Avoid the temptation to indulge in any risky financial ventures today Capricorn as you might not see the possible dangers until it is too late. Your skill set (and even some talents you had forgotten about) may be useful to you when you least expect it. Some bright idea you chose not to pursue previously might be something that you could begin to look at again.


Any Aquarius’ who were born in the middle of February are likely to find that their good luck has just about run out – however, this may not be such a bad thing as it will force you to become more responsible in your actions and the choices you make going forward. Important conversations should be left for another day when you will be in a better position to get your point across.


Don’t allow other people and stressful situations to cause a rift between you and your partner or family. If you have some urgent news that you need to tell someone, it’s best to deliver the message yourself to avoid the information becoming lost in translation. If your busy planning an upcoming party then you will be motivated to get the job done to the best of your ability.