Focus on the good and forget about the bad today, Aries.



It’s a good idea for Aries to spend this Friday focusing on the positive things they have going on in their life, instead of paying attention to the negative. If you have a good start to the day then you are likely to be in a good mood for the hours that follow. While you may have very specific views on certain things, your opinion and outlook may be beginning to waver slightly on other matters.


Remember Taurus, you are more than entitled to concentrate on doing the things in life that you enjoy, so you should focus less on pleasing other people and try to put their opinions out of your mind. If your finances are in order and you have a little extra in your pocket this month, then why not treat yourself to an inexpensive treat? Settling differences and reminiscing on the past will also be to the forefront of you mind Taurus.


If you happen to have some free time this evening Gemini then you should consider meeting up with friends for a chat and a get together at some point. An investment that you signed up to some time ago may begin to start making you a profit today. Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses is not necessarily a bad thing, however if you forget to maintain a realistic approach in relation to the most important things then you might run into some trouble further down the line.


The simple things in life are what Cancer will crave most today, such as a nice home, company and a loving partner. Even though you may dream about this so-called ideal, it may not fit in with your current plans just yet, so hold tight. Remember, don’t chase something that doesn’t want to be caught. You may have a few social engagements to attend to over the next few days and these will no doubt lift your mood and allow you to let your hair down.


Regardless of how often you find yourself in the company of friends and relatives who live far away, their kindness and generosity towards you is unlikely to dwindle. Any skills and talents that you possess, you will be able to showcase in a casual way throughout the day, Leo. Be careful that a fiery temperament and strong emotions don’t get in the way of you moving forwards.


It is high time that Virgo stopped being so timid and instead adopted a slightly more daring approach. Decision making and being more decisive does not look like it will be a major problem for you Virgo, as you will have a clear view of the choices that are agreeable to your situation. Don’t limit yourself as far as your opportunities are concerned; give yourself the chance to expand your horizons.


Perhaps Libra could do with becoming slightly more trusting of their partners, particularly if this applies to you in a business sense as you cannot realistically expect to build a company with someone you do not trust with your assets. Don’t feel bad if a friend possesses other skills and qualities that you don’t. An argument or a brief confrontation between you and a pal is likely.


Scorpio might come up against some bumps in the road today but rest assured that you will be able to handle whatever this is. You might indirectly become responsible for some extra duties that differ from the norm but your quick thinking and reliability will prove invaluable one again. Someone whom you spend a lot of time with may be in a better mood than they have been in recent weeks, which will be a welcome relief.


You may well find that you are less concerned with things such as family life and household issues than you have been in the previous weeks and other more broad issues are becoming your primary concern. You will use any excuse you can to express the creative and artistic side of your personality. Completing important documentation may require your full and undivided attention throughout the day.


It will become increasingly difficult for Capricorn to manage to solve any issues that are beginning to become a problem within the family sector because you simply will not have the time that you require. Daydreaming and planning for the future is all well and good but if you do not plan on actually doing something concrete about it then what’s the point? Make a plan and stick to it.


Aquarius may begin to notice that they’re becoming more and more flexible and their ability to adapt to their surroundings and circumstances continues to improve. Regardless of what other people view as appropriate in relation to tactfulness and manners, you may find that yours are remarkably different. Things in your personal life may start to settle down a little more and all other areas of your life will benefit from this also.


Today Pisces will have to take responsibility for their own actions and put a stop to their tendency to blame other people when things go wrong. Try to be happy with your lot and if you’ve hit the shops quite a bit recently, then it’s important that you don’t give into the temptation to continue the shopping online when you get home.