A busy day could leave you feeling frazzled, Pisces.



If creative evdeavours are your thing, then today could mark a turning point for you in this regard. Although, it’s not a bad idea to always keep your eyes peeled for fresh inspiration and be open to new opportunities. Look after yourself a bit more; there’s only so long you can keep burning the candle for at both ends before it eventually begins to catch up with you.


Taurus tension and irritability will be the main emotions you experience today, however it won’t be you who is feeling this way, surprisingly it will be the people around you who may begin to loose their cool. Avoid making a situation worse by offering your two cents worth when it isn’t asked for. If you are respectful of other people’s feelings, then you will expect the same in return.


Gemini, unfortunately it looks like you will have to work twice as hard as you did the day before, in order to get the same amount of work completed. You may also begin to realise that some favours come at a price! You will be keen to stay active and sitting around, waiting for something to happen will certainly not appeal to you.


Cancer, your emotions will be high today and things that wouldn’t usually bother you will have a big effect on you throughout the day. This may cause you to seek out people you know you can trust and those you feel most comfortable around. Like-minded people will help you to forget about your worries.


The things that take place within your personal life Leo will have a big effect on you throughout the day. This might also cause you be a little emotional or even snappy with others. Even though you have their best intentions at heart, sometimes you have to trust that your family will make the right decisions without you being there to nudge them in the right direction.


Virgo, this Friday you may find that you will be extremely determined to complete all that you have to get done and within a specific time frame at that! If you’ve been feeling as though perhaps you’re not on the right course, either personally or professionally, then today might finally be the day when you decide to do something about it.


Libra’s personal possessions and material goods will hold a lot of value for them today as they may have some special significance or meaning. Your protective side will also be very strong today and you will do your best to defend the people you care about most. Be careful with financial transactions today as it may be a trap, so don’t allow yourself to be scammed.


Solving problems in an efficient manner will not be your strong point today Scorpio. You might also struggle with keeping on track of your current schedule. Aim to become a little more organised over the coming days as this will help matters greatly. Your competitive streak will also become more prominent.


Sagittarius its possible you may experience one of two things this Friday; either a win that you have worked very hard for or a loss that is equally hard to accept. You may have to make some tough choices in order to get where you want to go, however you may begin to see that these sacrifices are worth it in time.


A squabble between friends or a difference of opinions could cause some tension or awkwardness throughout the day Capricorn. It’s best to pay as little attention to these things as possible and they should blow over eventually. Don’t loose hope and start to panic that things will never get back to normal, they will, just give it time and be patient.


An active imagination and an eye for all things artistic are fantastic qualities to possess, however it’s advisable that you keep your ideas and plans a little more realistic Aquarius. Take care that a new interest or hobby does not become an obsession. Honesty and a genuine answer are generally greatly appreciated, but sometimes the delivery could be a little more gently.


Pisces, don’t be too alarmed if you’re feeling a little bit out of sorts today. It’s likely to be a busy day so aim to tackle one task at a time to avoid becoming too overwhelmed. Try to use a weakness to your advantage today and persevere with any challenging obstacles. Don’t take someone’s harsh words to heart as what they say is likely to have more to do with them, than you.