It’s best to start new ventures in the afternoon time, Capricorn. 



Today you may not be in the form for a lot of hard work and physical activity and instead a more relaxed, chilled-out day is likely to suit you much better Aries. Try and have a lie in this morning too if you can manage it. Any pressing tasks that need seeing too should be focused on in the middle of the day.


You might be inclined to feel at somewhat of a loose end in the morning hours of this Friday Taurus, however you shouldn’t fret because you are unlikely to be bored for too long! The evening hours will jeep you on your toes. You will find that the needs and wants of your family will have to be put before anything else.


Gemini, rather than trying to meet new acquaintances and make more friends today, your time would be better spent focusing on the people that are already in your life. Concentrating on one thing in particular and managing to focus on the task at hand will be a struggle for you in the morning time.


Cancer, if at all possible you should hold off on finalising plans or making any big decisions in the early hours of this Friday, as a little more perspective could make a big difference. Adopting a more sensible approach to unusual situations or a difficult task is always a smart thing to do. You might feel hurt by someone close or disappointed by their actions.


Leo, in order to get the most out of your day you should endeavor to get out of bed early and try your best to accomplish as much as you can this Friday. It is unlikely that professional problems will be on your mind, so you may be feeling slightly more carefree than usual. Something that you have worked very hard on will leave you with some mixed emotions.


Don’t be too surprised if you suddenly begin to feel that you have had your eyes closed to lots of new possibilities lately; these opportunities are still there for the taking so don’t let them pass you by Virgo! However, the ability to think clearly and really concentrate on making a important decision could be somewhat of a challenge for you today.


Libra, you will enjoy relaxed and interesting conversations in a calm environment at the beginning of the day. Unusual topics may be discussed, however as the day goes on more practical topics will be on your mind, so appreciate the variety while you can. A new business venture will begin to make some real progress.


You won’t be able to get a word in edge ways with your other half if the topic being discussed is of interest to them, however it might be a different story if they are a little bored. A close friend may have let you down for the last time; this will force you to reconsider your friendship going forwards.


The beginning of the day you should take advantage of the opportunity to do something you have not had a chance to deal with recently. This could be a personal matter or perhaps even trying a new hobby or joining a class. Your career and advancing within your chosen field will be very important to you also.


Capricorn, if you’re thinking about starting something new or just about to for that matter, then the middle of the day or early afternoon hours are looking like the best time for these ventures. In the meantime if you have jobs or household matters to attend to then the earlier part of the day is the best time to get these finished.


Aquarius, you may feel somewhat restricted within your movements and actions today. This could be down to someone in your company or how you’re feeling yourself. Household issues and matters to do with your family, will be on your mind as the day draws to a close. You could be surprised by how kind someone is acting towards you. 


Pisces, unfortunately is seems that at the start of this Friday you could experience feelings of uncertainty and be a little on edge. Try to distract yourself with something you enjoy or surround yourself with helpful, positive people as the afternoon hours are set to be a lot brighter for you!