The romantic side of you will appear today, Sagittarius.



Aries, it will do you a lot of good this Friday to try and relax as much as possible. Spend the majority of the day focusing on creative projects and pursuits that don’t require a lot of energy. Catching up with friends or a long walk in the countryside will also be fun.


This Friday is the perfect time to focus on resolving any ongoing issues relating to family matters or problems within your household. Try to come up with a definite solution before it’s too late. You might find that your patience is low and you may have a tendency to snap!


Gemini, daydreaming and allowing your thoughts to drift off will become somewhat commonplace throughout the day this Friday. This is fine once it does not affect your responsibilities too much. Avoid romanticising ideas that are far from perfect.


Cancer, you will have to work extra hard today to avoid temptation and not be so easily swayed. This also relates to a certain someone who might have a very strong hold over you and the decisions you make. If you end up making the wrong decision, you only have yourself to blame.


Leo, it’s likely that you will be pretty content with your lot today and will not want for much. An appreciation for the things you do have as opposed to the things you don’t, will take you far in the future. If you were born sometime around the 20th August then it might not be that unusual for you to be cautious around people, especially strangers.


You may not realise it Virgo, but today the things you do and say will be as a result of other things that are happening, some of which you might not even know are connected! If you’re beginning to feel particularly emotional then it’s best if you take some time for yourself and have a little space.


Libra it will be romance over business for you today; your usually quite focus and professionally minded, however this Friday will be the exception to the rule. Go somewhere nice with your other half and totally forget about work and other commitments for the time being.


You may struggle to come to terms with something today Scorpio as you’re probably still holding onto a make-believe hope that really isn’t going to come true. It can be had to accept reality for what it is, but the sooner you do this, the better it will be for you.


If you’re feeling romantic and have been harboring feelings for someone in particular for some time now, then today looks like it would be a successful time for you to tell them how you’re feeling. Be cautious though Sagittarius and try to gauge their reaction before you tell them everything!


Today has the potential to go one of two ways; either you will spot a weakness in someone and use it to your advantage, or it’s also possible that somebody will do the same to you. Think carefully before you decide to do this as it may not be as lucrative as you had hoped.


Aquarius, you are likely to put a lot of time into how you and your partner are feeling today as both of your happiness will be of paramount importance. You will actively try to let go of the things in your life that are known to be stressful and aim to adopt a more balanced approach to your work.


Pisces, if you’ve been going through a difficult time of late then you may be inclined to try and distance yourself from what has been going on. This is ok, but try not to let it go too far. If you find that you are creative or have an artistic streak that deserves to be explored, then today is the perfect time to do so.