You might get a sense of déjà vu today, Virgo.



Aries, the good news for you this Friday is that an issue you’ve been having with someone for a long time now, will finally be resolved. This will be a welcome relief for both of you and you’ll be able to carry on your day with ease.


You will be brave and determined today Taurus in all aspects of your life, and any challenges or difficulties that you come across you will not walk away from. Perhaps you have been considering the possibility of a reconciliation lately, however today will help you to decide whether this is a good idea or not.


Gemini, it seems that today is not the right time for you to find love, as there’s a chance a possible romantic interest will let you down. However, don’t let this deter you from seeking out a relationship in the future. Don’t pay much attention to idle gossip.


This Thursday Cancer will be hard working and this will help you to find a schedule that fits well around your career. Even though you might be inclined to make as much progress as possible today, don’t forget to take a break every now and then.


Leo, regardless of how strong you usually are when it comes to standing your ground, it seems as though today you may not have the energy to properly fight your corner, and the chances of you giving in to someone else, are high.


Today is likely to be pretty mundane for Virgo, where they may feel as though nothing particularly exciting is happening. Repetition and a feeling of déjà vu will be common. Cheer up though, as the evening hours might bring some good news.


Libra might well find that their patience will be tested today as they will have to be around people they aren’t particularly fond of. Try your best to hold your tongue when someone says something that bothers you, as your emotions could cause you to overreact.


This Thursday will be an extremely busy one for Scorpio, where they will hardly have a minute to catch their breath! While this will be difficult at the time, try to remember that it won’t be forever. Keep your eyes open for other ventures that might be more your thing.


Unfortunately the chances of you feeling in the best of health are slim today Sagittarius, as it’s highly likely you will be feeling the effects of eating something that had made you ill. Towards the evening time you’ll be on the mend though.


A change is as good as a rest and Capricorn will certainly be following this motto today! You might decide to spruce up your household and make the whole place more welcoming and inviting looking. This may encourage you to send more time at home.


Aquarius will be very close to their other half throughout this Thursday, as an increased effort on both sides seems to be working! Don’t forget your priorities and previous commitments you have made, if (what seems to be) a better offer comes along.


Your ability to make the best of a things will be your go to resource today Pisces. If you’re given the chance to express your creativity and use your artistic talents then you should absolutely go for it! Consider spending a few days in a new place.