Don’t let others put you down, Taurus!



Be careful that you’re not loosing the run of yourself today Aries; you might be all about having a good time and enjoying yourself, but sometimes you need to think a plan through more carefully before you decide to go through with it.


Taurus, if other people try to shut you out or make you feel unwanted this Friday, then perhaps they’re not the right people for you to spend your time with. You should consider placing more value on who you are!


Be careful that you don’t overstep the mark, or potentially even insult someone, this Friday Gemini in your pursuit of knowledge. You may think your nosy nature is pretty harmless but other people might disagree. Don’t follow the crowd either!


Cancer, try not to let other people’s problems affect you as much as they have been recently. If you have enough going on in your own life then you don’t need t be adding the worries of other people to your list as well!


You may find that your, mostly good, intentions are being taken the wrong way this Friday Leo and it will be up to you to convince people that you are genuine and really do mean well. Don’t give up easily, as it will be worth it in the end.


Virgo, your usual carefree nature generally serves you extremely well but this Friday not being in complete control or not being fully aware of what is happening around you, will not work to your advantage. Be a little more organised and prepared to avoid this in future.


If you’re always the one to take charge and make sure that everything gets done, then eventually people may start to take all that you do for granted. You’re not doing yourself any favours by always being a martyr.


Scorpio, be sure to nip any tension or anger you feel in the bud today, as the sooner you deal with these issues the less likely they are to turn into something much bigger. If you feel backed into a corner, avoid saying something you won’t be able to take back.


You’ll find great enjoyment in the fun and banter you have with your work colleagues today, as it’s likely all of you will have that Friday feeling! However not all Sagittarius’ will feel like this and others may prefer to do their own thing.


Capricorn, you’ll have somewhat of an easygoing approach to whatever is going on around you today. If other people are creating drama where there is none, then you will do your very best to avoid this. Don’t let manipulative people pull the wool over your eyes.


Stand firm in what you believe in today Aquarius and don’t feel as though you should have to change your opinion just because you are the only one who feels this way. Your newfound independence will have a big impact on you.


Pisces, why not get in touch with friends or family members who may not have much company around this time of year? You might have loads going on at the moment but perhaps they are feeling quite lonely and could do with a friendly face to cheer them up?