There could be a career change in store for you Pisces!


You will be very clear about your relationship today and what you are unhappy about. If you’re chatting to family and friends today or maybe even someone you have a crush on, it will be a very pleasant experience. It’s the perfect time to hash out any last minute business deals and partnerships. Financial issues will be dealt swiftly today.


Helping someone out of a difficult situation will be your strong point today Taurus. If you have been hoping to move up in or perhaps change careers altogether, then these steps look like they will be positive ones. Expect to gain the admiration of someone who is a position of power today too!


Although it may sound boring and somewhat patronising, talking through your feelings is the only way you’re going to seem some improvements in your relationships today. While there’s nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying all the single life has to offer, be cautious that you don’t miss out on the feeling of being in love. Even though you may not always have the answers you require, never doubt in your ability.


Testing as it might be it’s always advisable to stay on the right side of the people you work with, and cooperate wherever possible. To add to this your mood will be jolly and in general you should feel in good spirits. If you are away on a work or business trip, then there’s a good chance you will receive some exciting news from home.


Treat your body like you should and avoid over doing it or pushing yourself too far! Your chances of being successful will become even more likely if you take the feelings and interests of other people into account. No matter what the day has in store for you, you should make it your business to chill out and relax this evening.


Whatever is bothering you in your personal life, try not to take it out on your family and friends, as they will be left feeling like they have done something wrong as a result. Making money seems to be in your favour today but spending the big bucks on large purchases is not advisable.


No matter how much you long for someone to love and for them to love you back obviously, don’t jump into the first relationship you find; it might not be the one for you. Any commercial or creative projects you have lined up look promising today and you will notice yourself making lots of progress.


Even though you are feeling pretty secure and your finances all seem to be in order, you should still be careful when lending money to someone; a pros and cons list always helps! Life can get stressful sometimes (all the time) and the best way to deal with this is by doing something fun and distracting. Remember that hard work is essential to achieving a goal.


There will be a plethora of opportunities at your fingertips today, Sagittarius and many of these will fall at your feet, thanks to your cheery personality and charm. When someone asks you if something is wrong, be honest and tell them! Take a breather from all that has kept you busy over the past while and allow yourself time to rest properly.


The good mood you are in today will help you to feel liberated and unrestricted in doing the things you want to achieve. Likewise, this will also translate over to your career and now is a good time to put any business plans you may have into action. Face any challenges you come across today head on, overcoming these difficulties will improve your confidence and belief in yourself.


Your encouragement and helpful advice you offer your colleagues is valued, whether you realise it or not. Today will be particularly successful if you are in some sort of post-grad education. New financial projects could prove to be very rewarding. A joint project with someone from another country or city could end up being surprisingly productive.


Let go of the issues from your past, you are still carrying around today; move forwards and look towards the future. Create an even stronger bond with the people you love and learn to live with those you don’t; sometimes agreeing to disagree is all it takes. A career change you have been eyeing up for some time now, look like it could be about to occur.