Your train of thought could be a bit off today, Libra. 



Aries will accomplish more than expected today, thanks to their courageous spirit and bold character. Anything that has been put off or deferred for another day will be on your mind and at the centre of your attention. They say opposites attract and you could find yourself captivated by someone who is not afraid to speak their mind, regardless of the topic.


Now is a good time to make use of the energy you have; focus it towards a goal and use it to finally let go of any lifelessness that you have been lugging around with you. Anxiety and self-doubt could be getting in your way of you achieving all that you are capable of, while your friends begin to surpass you.


Any jobs that require your immediate attention will be taken care of efficiently and without much trouble today. You could get an unexpected reminder about an old friend and plans to have a catch up. A long-term disagreement between you and someone close, might begin to seem less important.


Feeling close to and connecting with your partner or spouse will be of great importance today. Be prepared for old ghosts to make an appearance and possibly even an old competitive streak also. Despite your determination to achieve the targets you have set, ask yourself if the aim is beginning to become all-consuming? If so, is it worth it?


If you are feeling trapped in a situation or relationship that doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon, then you will have to be the one to make some changes and not rely on others to do so for you. Holding onto the ‘dream’ is not wise, when reality is very different. Your own faults may also come to the surface today.


Your mind is struggling to quickly adapt to new situations, like it has done in the past. A discovery of a new creative project may have to be stopped, suddenly mid-way through the process, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Use this spare time to do something productive. Don’t always assume that far away hills are greener, because they’re usually not.


Things may come to a standstill today and over the course of the coming days, as your train of thought starts to decline. Carefully decide where your loyalty to someone ends, otherwise the relationship could become strained due to a difference in expectations. Your partner or spouse could be a little sharp with you and others, but try to let it go.


Forgiving someone their mistakes is one thing, but feeling compelled to do so is very different. A pattern of behaviour will continue as long as you allow it do to so. Take care when driving or travelling today and also when undertaking any technical tasks. Be prepared in work, as ideas are more effective when executed properly.


A new project that you have been really excited about lately could change in some way and as a result, start to lose some of its shine in the days ahead. Sometimes these things need a little extra time and cannot be rushed. You might however, return to it a few months down the line and pick up where you left off.


Any problems within the household will be resolved today, or at least making progress in the right direction, down to your determination and enthusiasm. Take advantage of this chance while you have it. Nobody is above human error and if someone has upset or hurt you, think carefully if it is worth mentioning. Will an argument really solve anything?


Mistakes happen; perfection is practically unattainable in all aspects of life and you may be realising this more so than ever. Allow the past to melt away and look forward to what the future may bring. Friends and family could mean well, but you do not have to account for your decisions to anyone, unless of course you choose to do so.


Material objects may start to catch your eye today and along with the temptation to give in and buy! Still, if you are about to make a big decision regarding your finances, it’s best to hold off on the spending for now. The people and things that your future is reliant on may begin to change, so it’s always good to have a backup plan.