Deadlines and sticking to a schedule will be tricky today, Libra.



Completing any monotonous chores at home is a good idea today, along with communicating with your parents or family members. Any necessary journeys that you need to take should be dealt with before lunchtime. Business meetings will be most successful today of they are held in the morning hours. Try forming a connection with someone who is in a position of power.


Keep in touch with those who are living in different countries and cities, and anyone you find difficult to make contact with. Take a short trip and visit your parents or relatives, if they live close to you. Perhaps you are putting up too much of a fight to cling on to the familiar; maybe things will look brighter if you welcome change with open arms.


Today is especially suitable for exchanging ideas and information with people who have similar interests to you. You will find as the day goes on that everything you do is intentional and has an aim. Try not to allow your emotions and feelings take over when important decisions need to be made, especially when they are related to your career or business.


A particular person you speak with or a conversation that you have today, might be a lot more interesting than you could have expected. A breakdown in communication between you and the people you are close to, coupled with your uncertain moods, could lead you say more than you had planned on, in an emotional outburst. The expression may be advantageous though, if you have something important to get off your chest.


Taking control of today’s happenings will be somewhat of a challenge for you today, Leo. You will require the help and advice of other people, making it difficult for you to stay in a position of power. Everyday jobs and small tasks around the house aren’t going anywhere, unfortunately. If something seems too good to believe, it usually is, so don’t allow yourself to be easily fooled.


Make contact with the people you love and whom you have not been in touch with lately. Refuse to allow small and trivial matters to spoil your current happiness. There are times when something does not go according to plan, and is all the more enjoyable for it in the end. Even though you have lots of new projects lined up, make sure that they are pragmatic and plausible.


The accountability you feel towards your parents and close members of your family has a certain amount of responsibility that comes with it. Regardless of the burden this puts on your life, career and personal accomplishments always come second and you are comfortable with that. You may struggle to have work completed and submitted within the deadlines set and the pressure you feel as a result will not help the situation.


How you react to given situations may be growing more intense, in terms of the emotions you express and the way you communicate with others also. You will be a lot more willing to look out for and take care of the people who are close to you or who have a connection to your family. If you feel like there’s simply never enough time in the day, stay positive and everything will work out eventually.


You may be finding it increasingly difficult to relate to the people you call friends and communication difficulties may arise as a result of this strain. Avoid drama at all costs by not having these conversations in the mornings. Right or wrong, some people will always disregard the importance of a promise, but try not to get too angry about it.


If you are hoping for today to have a favourable outcome, then it is crucial that you listen to the needs of others and work around this.  Your partner or spouse could be feeling particularly nostalgic today and may wish to reminisce on the past. This will also encourage you too finally address issues from your past that have previously caused you a lot of pain.


The importance you place on looking after your body and maintaining a healthy approach to life is growing increasingly more essential. It is a good idea to get whatever is bothering you off your chest, especially if it has something to do with your home life.  You could be surprised by the power someone you know has and they could help make your dreams a reality.


Having a bit of a gossip and chatting with friends will occupy you in the morning hours. Despite what feels like a huge delay in getting your new venture off the ground, don’t be disheartened and feel too defeatist.  However as the days go on you may change your mind about the idea entirely and develop a more realistic approach.