Look to the people around you when you need some help, Sagittarius. 



Aries will be kept extra busy today with their familial duties and your other half may be keeping you on your toes also. A disagreement or fight of some description is likely to take place in the morning hours. The need for your own personal space and not wanting other people to know your business will be strong; this will include both strangers and those you are very close to.


Your relationship and friendship with members of your family – both close and extended – will certainly not be smooth sailing throughout the day; however, there is always room for improvement. While things may not always go your way and every now and then you hit a stumbling block, rest assured that you will find a way to figure things out.


Gemini will have to carefully watch their outgoing expenses today because, even though something may appear to be a great idea and a relatively fool proof way of improving your current financial means, there is nearly always a certain element of risk involved. Someone may be unexpectedly kind towards you today and this will lift your spirits greatly.


All that you do and all of your contacts with other people will be successful today if you do things with the best of intentions and also if you genuinely believe that other people are doing the same. You will be excited and enthusiastic about starting new projects and sharing these experiences with people. If you have been feeling like you’re holding all of your emotions in lately, then don’t be afraid to express yourself more.


Lots of your qualities such as empathy and kindness will be getting stronger throughout the day. You may also be a little more sensitive than usual and innocent, throwaway comments have the potential to hurt your feelings. You may not want everyone to know how you’re feeling, so instead you will opt to spend some time alone instead of in the company of large crowds.


You may not be feeling your best at the start of the day and because of this you might accidentally snap at someone who is trying to help you. Things like over-confidence and not being practical in your plans could lead you to end up in hot water. Seeing the world through rose tinted glasses is not always wise. Important relationships in your life might be going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment, but things are likely to improve in the days that follow.


If you manage lots of people in a large company or indeed if you own the business itself, this is the perfect opportunity to think about expansion, and looking at other ways of increasing the size of the company. The things you will manage to achieve today will lead to the people who look up to you being very impressed. While it’s important to remain professional wherever possible, enjoying yourself is most definitely allowed also.


Scorpio, you are likely to have big plans and even bigger dreams swirling around in your head throughout the day. As a result your mood will be particularly good and it is very possible that you will adopt a more imaginative way of thinking. Any worries or fears that your contemporaries seem to be struggling with, probably won’t bother you at all.


Although you might not seek it often, Sagittarius should look towards the people within their family or very close friends for support this Friday. The people around you will be cheering for you, whether you realise it or not. Even though people are only trying to help and generally don’t mean to be intrusive when offering others advice, sometimes they can overstep the mark and if this is the case, you should tell them so.


Capricorn should endeavour to remain on good terms with the people they come into contact with over the next few days, especially if they have a tendency to fall out with family members or the people they live with. Perhaps things between you and your other half have been a bit rocky lately; if this is the case then you would be wise to look into ways of improving the situation and even consider the possibility of talking to someone about the difficulties you have been dealing with.


Perhaps you have been saving away some money lately, in order to pay off a debt or perhaps even purchase something that is very expensive, yet absolutely necessary. Any expenses to do with your health or medical bills should be dealt with first thing in the morning and given priority status over all else. Staying within your comfort zone will be a big factor for you Aquarius.


You will be feeling quietly assured and confident within your own abilities and what you’re capable of achieving over the coming days and people will find it very difficult to make you feel otherwise. Even if things don’t seem to be going your way today, you will not resort to panic and instead your faith in everything working out for the best will see you through.