You may be uneasy in others’ company today, Virgo. 



Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like today will be your best Aries, as your bad mood and ill humour could cause you to be unpleasant for others to be around. Something, or indeed someone, in your personal life could be to blame for this. You may have to make a decision between following your heart and focusing on your duties instead.


Your capable skills associated with money and finances will make today a successful one for you Taurus. Use your talents (and your natural ability to charm people) to your advantage. Perhaps a new idea or thinking of something slightly more original than you usually do, could be what you need to solve a problem that has been bugging you for a while. Don’t be too risky though as it may have the opposite effect!

Gemini, throughout the day you will mainly be focused on household duties and practical matters. If you are planning on undertaking a new project that has certain (and very realistic) risks attached, then you would be wise to make sure you have the financial means to dig yourself out of any tricky situations that may arise!  Endeavour to plan ahead and be well prepared in advance.


Cancer, would be wise to remember that old grudges and grievances always have the potential to rear their ugly head, so don’t get too comfortable just yet. A money-related issue could be the root cause of all this tension, so it’s best to sort this out once and for al1. Perhaps a new hobby, different from what you generally spend your free time doing, would be something you might be interested in?


Remember Leo, first impressions count for an awful lot (and a bad one is pretty hard to forget), so it’s a good idea to keep this in mind when meeting people for the first time. If you need to discuss something important with a family member or work colleague, try to stay calm, composed and polite. Don’t’ go in there ready for a fight as you could potentially make the whole situation worse.


Today you might find yourself feeling awkward or uncomfortable around others and may opt to spend some time alone instead. While some solitude is often a good thing, try not to shut yourself away from people for too long! If you have been meaning to get back in touch with an old friend or someone who lives far away, it might be best to hold off on this for another day or two also!
Libra, should keep a watchful eye over their expenses today as they may be beginning to realise that they need to be slightly more responsible going forwards. Saving versus spending is what you need to keep in mind. You will be able converse and get on well with people from any background or any place today. Go after what you want and stop waiting around for things to happen.


You may unexpectedly come into contact with someone who is not necessarily a very nice person, and their bitterness and bad humour could end up making you feel uncomfortable. Try not to let money worries cause undue stress between you and your other half. Your plans may be thrown out of sync somewhat by an unexpected surprise. If possible, try to work around this instead of abandoning all of your plans altogether!


Instead of letting your workload build up so much that you find yourself becoming overwhelmed trying to get it all done, aim to get a set amount finished each day. While having good ideas are great in theory, they’re not much use if you don’t actually plan on doing anything with them. You may choose to let other people take center stage for a change.


If you get the chance today, why not chill out and enjoy the company of close friends and family? However, if you’re into adventure sports or any hobbies that have the potential to become dangerous, then safety should always be your number one priority. Certain people could surprise you greatly with their actions.


If you’re feeling a bit stressed and bothered today you’ll be more likely to take it out on the people you are closest to; be careful that you are not too hard on them though, especially if it’s your parents You may have very different opinions and thoughts than your friends and peers. Don’t forget to read through any legal or binding documents extremely carefully before making any final decisions.


Pisces, it seems as though you will have a tendency to get a little bit distracted and not be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand throughout the day. If someone is getting on your nerves greatly, tell them! Alternatively, you could talk a walk outside before you say something you may forget. You may be inspired to be more fit and healthy going forwards.