Love will be in the air today, Scorpio.



Travelling to new places and having new adventures will be something Aries will relish in this Friday. If the opportunity to visit a new place or meet someone new arises, then you won’t want to turn it down. Equally, if you have a minute to chill out, you’ll enjoy that just as much.


Taurus, looking after yourself will be very important to you throughout the day as you may be feeling a little more emotional or perhaps even vulnerable, than usual. If you are tempted to take your frustrations out on the people who are trying to help you, then it’s best to take a breather for a few minutes.


You will be all about relaxing and indulging in the time off that you have today Gemini. A surprise at work will make the day go a lot faster and way more enjoyable too! This is likely to put you in a great mod for the weekend ahead. Procrastination when it comes to housework will also be familiar.


Exploring your creative talents and artistic merits will be something Cancer will really enjoy today. It will also give you a chance to spend some time thinking about the things that are happening in your life at present, and possibly come up with a better way of handling everything.


This Friday is set to be a good one for you Leo, as is seems as though you will have plenty of reasons to smile. If you’ve been working very hard at something recently then today, you will see the benefits of this and it will most definitely be worth it.


Virgo, even though you are usually very careful with your spending and even more so with your savings, today you are likely to go a little crazy and treat yourself to something special. Don’t be too hard on yourself for this – you’re allowed to spoil yourself every now and then!


Libra, if you take anything from this Friday it will be to listen to your instincts and to always do what your gut is telling you. It’s unlikely that these inklings will lead you too far astray. When following advice, it’s best to take it from someone who knows you and your situation well.


Your relationship with your other half will be at the top of your priority list today Scorpio and you will be anxious to keep the romance alive! However you may be in for a surprise yourself when they reveal they have made some plans of their own.


Sagittarius, you will be content and in a good place this Friday, with friends and family who are anxious to be in your company. However, if you feel like a bit of quiet time you are more than entitled to have it! An interesting conversation with a workmate will make you think.


Rely on your ability to make the most of a bad situation today Capricorn and also your talents at being able to keep your composure – even when you really don’t feel like it! A tough situation may arise at work that will test you greatly and how you handle it handle it will make a difference.


Aquarius if someone has something negative to say about you or your work then this Friday you will take this very personally. However it’s best to remember that one person’s opinion should not affect you in such a strong way. Try your best to move on from this.


Gossip and hear say will be all around you today Pisces but try your best to ignore most of what you hear as it’s most likely not true. Don’t listen to the people whom you know don’t have your best intentions at heart, as they may be trying to lead you astray.