Now is the perfect time to make a change, Aquarius!



You might not be in the best mood today Aries, so it’s probably best if you don’t make any plans that you are unable to commit to. The more honest and open side of your personality will also be very strong and you won’t hold back on being completely truthful if someone asks your opinion.


Be very careful how you bring up and approach certain subjects with your other half today Taurus, particularly if they are of a sensitive nature. Be honest with them about how you are feeling, but be cautious about how you say it. It may take a few days for them to give you the same response.


Gemini, you are in luck today because it seems as though you will be in for a treat where your finances are concerned. An unexpected boost to your income will be very welcome this week! Perhaps you’ve entered a competition that you’ve forgotten about or maybe someone is being very generous?


Your normally very practical and pretty good at thinking things through Cancer, however today there is a big chance that all of this will change. Seeing something for what it is, rather than what you want it to be is something you will struggle with. You’ll also notice a lack of willpower.


Tackling problems and trying to resolve them in a mature and realistic way is something Leo will endeavor to do today. Perhaps there are things that have bothered you for some time now and you’ve finally had enough. Even the smallest of details will be very important.


Virgo, your sense of right and wrong will be as present as ever throughout this Friday and therefore, people may come to you for advice. If someone tries to sway your opinion or convince you of something you know isn’t true, you will not entertain them for very long.


You’ll be feeling extremely inspired today Libra and this sudden burst of creativity will see you having an extremely productive day. If you really put your mind to it, you will surprise yourself with your capabilities. Helping someone who is younger and could do with a bit of advice is something you will happily do.


Unfortunately Scorpio it seems as though the plans you had made for today may not happen as you had hoped they would. Certain obstacles and problems will stand in your way throughout the day and this could become very frustrating by the time the evening hours arrive.


Sagittarius, you will aim to look outside the box this Friday in everything you endeavor to do. This will include the people you turn to for help and advice. The person you would have least expected support from, could turn out to be the most understanding. You may even reconnect with a an old friend or relative.


Capricorn, there is a big chance that you will be spoiled with lovely gifts today, all of which you will be more than happy to accept! Being there for someone when they need you most will not only make them feel better, you will also be very humbled by the experience.


This Friday seems like it is going to be the day when Aquarius finally decides to do a major overhaul. This might start with you clearing out the clutter and unnecessary items you have been storing at home for some time, and giving them to someone who will actually use them!


Pisces, you will be under some pressure today as you will be struggling to complete all necessary tasks and chores within the time-frame that you have been assigned. Someone you have grown very close to will announce they are leaving, which will take you by surprise.