Good news is on the way, Libra.


Aries, your natural tendency to be kind and open towards other people will translate very well throughout the day and therefore, others will be anxious to spend time in your company. However, don’t allow people to take advantage of this kindness.


This Friday, many of your hobbies and places you like to visit in your pare time will be shared with those around you. This will mean that your friends and colleagues will get to see a different, and unexpected side of your personality.


 Gemini, while you may be a little too keen to have a nose in other people’s business at certain times, this Friday you’ll be more concerned not by what they are doing, but how! You may also read into what your friends say, possibly more than you should.


If you’re close friends and relatives are getting on your nerves more than usual this weekend, why not use this as an opportunity to branch out a little a make contact with a distant relative, whom you’ve not seen for a long time? They may just as glad of the company.


Leo, perhaps you’ve been acting a little selfish recently and have not taken the time to think about the things you do and how they may hurt the people around you. If this is the case, remember that it’s never too late to make a change.


Regardless of how determined you can be and how you like to always give one hundred percent to any task you’re assigned, sometimes it’s god to remember that all work and no play is not necessarily a good thing either!


Libra, some good news for you today as it seems as though you will have lots of fun and exciting opportunities come your way. Be careful that you don’t let a good one pass without first considering the possibilities it may present.


 Your natural ability to keep things yourself and not broadcast news or information for the world to see, is a trait you will keep with you today Scorpio. Don’t be tempted to divulge news or gossip just because someone is pestering you too say something.


Sagittarius, have a think about the people in your circle of friends this Friday and consider if perhaps one or two of them could do with a change of scenery, and more importantly, some fun! Go somewhere nice to forget about troubles and worries for a while.


Assessing the situation in front of you before making an important or uninformed decision, is something which Capricorn will continue to be very good at today. However to avoid be roped into doing something uncharacteristic, stay away from people who are a bad influence on you!


Aquarius, given that you’re very aware of how the people around you are feeling, perhaps you’re just sick of seeing people doing nasty things, this Friday you will actively seek out the opportunity to do something kind for another person.


Your imagination and artistic flare, as well as the ability to see potential where others don’t, is a trait that others may well be envious of today. Judge someone’s mood before asking a tricky or awkward question as they may not take this very well on a bad day!