Don’t abandon new projects when the novelty has worn off, Aries. 



Today will bring with it some unusual activities that will be surprisingly enjoyable! You might find it hard to shake the feeling of wanting to have a companion or partner there for company and friendship but in the meantime you will be equally happy spending time with friends. Do not forget about a new plan or project just because the novelty has worn off; these could still be very successful if you put a little more time into them.


You may be feeling particularly needy today Taurus and will require the comfort and support of others as you trust their opinions and feel comfortable in their presence. Casual meetings will work in your favour, provided that you do not have unreasonably high expectations. You may come up against some difficulties between you and someone who is very important in your life; endeavour to resolve the situation before things escalate too quickly.


Spending some relaxed, quality time in the company of friends will do you the world of good today Gemini, and this should be done in the morning hours or before lunchtime. This calming environment will also give you a more clear perspective on household issues that have been on your mind of late. Be constructive in whatever you decide to do about the situation.


This Friday should be focused on home life, household needs and the issues affecting your family. If there is a habit (or habits plural) that you are inclined to revert to when things get stressful, these will take a firm grip on you today. Avoid holding any important talks or meetings today, as now is not the ideal time for deep discussions. Be yourself and do not apologise to anyone for who you are.


If you are planning on being the center of attention at some point today, then this will be most successful in the evening time. Try not to take on too much responsibility in work; otherwise there is the possibility that you could become overwhelmed. While having the support of the people around you is comforting, do not become reliant on others; be independent and make your own decisions.


Morning hours and the evening time are ideal for enjoying friendly conversations and spontaneous outings. Any official business should be postponed for another time until you can completely focus on the task at hand. You may be feeling quite excited about a prospective project, however do not let the negativity of other people rain on your parade – enjoy it anyway!


Any daily household jobs that need completing should be taken care of before lunchtime. The evening hours could potentially be the most stressful for you today Libra. If possible pay lot of attention to what you are doing throughout the day, as distractions will be all around. Given the chance, most people probably wouldn’t make the mistakes they have made in their past again, however you cannot change what has happened – learn from them and move on.


Honesty is the best policy; avoid sugar coating the truth to save someone’s feelings – sometimes the kindest thing we can do for a person is to tell them the truth. A lack of energy may see you choosing the easy way out. Any minor problems that should have been addressed a long time ago, will be presented for solving once again today – do not let this opportunity pass a second time Scorpio!


Your sensitivities will be heightened today Sagittarius and a sense of compassion and kindness towards others will be very present. You may also take offence to something said in a humorous manner. The side of you that is brave and not easily intimidated will be backed into a corner and you may have to resort to other strengths when figuring out a problem.


If a difficult conversation needs to be had, then the morning hours will be the most successful for coming up with a resolution. Even if you happen to have a conversation with someone you would normally have nothing to speak to about, today you may be surprised by an unusual aspect that the both of you have in common. Be careful that you no not accidentally hurt someone’s feelings while trying to grab the attention of someone else.


Routine work and daily chores should be completed before the evening time and the early hours are looking like the most productive time of the day. If you have tried all the usual techniques when it comes to working out issues in the home, then consider adopting a different approach. Even though most of us run a mile from tedious housework, sometimes it can be quite therapeutic if you have something on your mind. Regardless of what everyone else is doing, stick to your guns.


Things always seem better when the sun in shining so even the most inconvenient of circumstances will seem very manageable to you today Pisces. Although your creative talents seem highlighted, now more so than ever before, it is advisable to hold off on starting any new projects for the time being. Even if someone close insists they are feeling OK don’t be afraid to keep an eye on them to make sure they really are.