Make sure your team members are pulling their weight, Taurus. 



Today is not the best time to make any sudden or big changes, these are better left for another time. Stick to your normal daily routine and things should go to plan. Spending time with close friends and family might be a good way to pass a couple of hours if you are feeling at a bit of a loose end. Endeavour to maintain a realistic attitude and a practical approach to whatever situations arise during the day.


If you have been lending your time to a joint project recently, then you should aim to see where the other members of your team are with their portion of the work today, Taurus. Keep specific targets at the forefront. The morning hours may cause you to feel a little anxious and perhaps you will be a little snappy to the people around you. You may feel like breaking the rules a little bit and testing the limits.


You will be able to talk to people and converse with others successfully, so if there are any important conversations you need to have then today is the time to bring these up. Avoid wasting your time on fake people and instead focus your energies on the people who matter to you the most. You may feel compelled to figure something out and be responsible for solving some problems.


You may be struggling in your current situation and in need of a change of scenery; think about going on a holiday or going somewhere new – you can’t keep complaining if you do nothing about it. Things may not be ideal at home, so perhaps you could try to improve whatever is causing you stress today. Don’t rush into any major or extreme purchases before thinking about the consequences.


Unfortunately Leo, it looks like your other half will be extremely stubborn today and will not respond to your encouragements very well. If you have been meaning to have an important conversation with them lately, then it’s best to leave this for another day. You may be forced to negotiate and come to a compromise on something, so be prepared to relinquish some power.


Your career is very important to you, and you may need to look into creating a more comfortable atmosphere in work in order to get the most out of your day. Free yourself of any unnecessary baggage, troubles or worries once and for all – you will feel much lighter and freer as a result. Be sensitive to other people’s needs today and looks for ways to offer them support if they could do with some help.


Libra may begin to see what their future will look like at an unexpected time today. Don’t push this to the back of your mind; work towards it and focus on the goals you have set for yourself. If you have had a lot on your mind lately, then perhaps you could take some time out today to go on a relaxing walk or spend a little while meditating. Romance between you and someone close is looking very likely.


The start of the day could see Scorpio’s mood become unpredictable and you will feel your temper rising for no reason in particular. If possible, you should try to remove yourself from any potentially stressful situations. Some time out spent by yourself might help you to feel a little better. If you’re unhappy with where you are in your life then it’s time to do something about it.


Sagittarius is likely to want to get out and explore today, so look for ways to express the adventurous side of your personality. A change of scenery for a while could have a positive effect on your relationships with the people around you, and help to give you a new and improved perspective. Remember though, while travelling the world seems like a fantastic idea, you must take your responsibilities at home into consideration also.


Today, Capricorn should not start any new projects or endeavour to begin a challenge; these are best left for another time. If something has happened recently that is causing you some bother, then you should not address these problems until you are thinking clearly and less emotional. The desire to treat yourself to some retail therapy will become very hard to resist.


It’s perfectly acceptable to take some “you” time today, allowing you to chill out, relax and do something that you enjoy. If you don’t have anything urgent on your plate, then don’ feel in the slightest bit guilty about this. You might bump into someone or something might happen today that will make you want to organise a reunion between you and old friends.


Your interests in what is going on around you and the outside world will become more intense today, Pisces and as a result you will be inspired to do something that excites you. You may also be particularly affected by something creative or a magnificent piece of artwork. If you have not been feeling very well lately, then you should form a plan to get you feeling back to normal.