Don’t feel like you have to work alone today, Virgo. 



If you want to move up and progress in your career then you’ll have to utilise all your talents, especially your creative skills. If your given the opportunity to figure something out then you should always try to opt for the least complicated and most straightforward way possible. Aim to approach difficult situations from a different angle and it may not seem as bad as you think.


Luckily for you Taurus you are unlikely to have to deal with conflict resolution and issues relating to fallouts or arguments between people you are close to. You may be in the right place at the right time and things will begin to start going your way. Your position within your workplace or your career may begin to improve also.


Gemini may have to put their personal preferences aside today and learn to adapt to what other people like instead. Any issues relating to your personal life may be more difficult to deal with as you’re completely invested in the problem. It might be a good idea to consider asking someone you trust for their advice, as they will be able to approach it from a non-biased perspective.


Cancer, any friends you have been meaning to get in touch with will be more open to talk to you in the morning hours so you should try and make contact with them during this time. This is particularly relevant if there is something important you want to talk to them about. Don’t be shallow, it’s not an attractive trait on anyone. Someone who you trust very well may cause you to question them.


Leo should trust in their own ability to work their way out of even the trickiest of situations. Don’t be tempted to show off and go over board if you feel as though things are going your way; sometimes a little modesty goes a long way. If people who are in a position of power are beginning to doubt your ability, you need to do your best to show them otherwise.


Virgo would be wise to spend as much time as they can resting and working on creative projects today as they may not get this opportunity again for some time. Don’t work alone however; get-together with some friends or like-minded people and enjoy their company while you work. Someone you know may be outing you on edge recently and it’s best to avoid their company of this is the case.


Libra may have to work on their self-restraint and will power during the day, as this will benefit them in time to come. You should also keep in mind that being practical in your decision-making and a strong sense of determination will go a long way. When making plans, aim to think them through carefully beforehand, otherwise you might end up running into some difficulty.


Scorpio should try not to worry too much today about issues relating to their career, as they are likely to work out in the end. However, try not to fall into a false sense of security either. You and your other half may have some important chats and discussions today; these will be less romantic and more rational. Your social life may be about to get a whole lot busier.


While you endeavour to be more practical about your spending, Sagittarius will still have a tendency to splurge on the more expensive things that catch their eye. The early hours of the day, especially the morning time, will be your best bet if you plan on getting things done! Sometimes it’s good to take a break from your busy schedule and take some time out to chill and enjoy your own company for a change.


The most pressing tasks and chores that Capricorn has to work on will be very obvious throughout the day. Anyone born in January may be surprised by what they begin to develop and interested in. If you are let in on some important information that not many people are aware of, you will have to use your tact and common sense in order to keep this a secret.


Aquarius would be wise to look after any upcoming events ahead of time so that they have more time to finalise any last minute details. Any work-related tasks should be dealt with in a quite place so that you can focus completely and give your undivided attention to the task at hand. If you are struggling to make a concrete decision on something then perhaps asking someone you trust for their opinion may be a good idea.


Pisces should focus intently on their future and any plans that need to be put in place in order to make the years ahead a little more comfortable. Almost everything is within your reach, as long as you put in the hard work and dedication that is required to achieve it. An important relationship in your life that has been causing you some concern lately will experience a change today.