It’s time to get going with your holiday plans, Cancer. 



If you have some challenging days ahead of you Aries, then rest assured because you will more than likely be happy with the outcome. Keeping secrets may not necessarily be your strong suit, however you may not have much of a choice but to keep certain things to yourself for the time being. Your instincts will be very strong today and it would be wise to trust them, especially if you feel that something is not right.


The people around you will be more than willing to share with you today, and while their generosity may be a little surprising to you, it would be silly to turn it down. Your partner or other half may end up being a lot more supportive than you would have expected them to be and this could help to improve things between the two of you greatly.


It might be a good idea to consider being more understanding towards the people around you today, Gemini; even though it can be difficult, a little sensitivity goes a long way. If you’ve been considering taking up a new hobby or trying your hand at a particular type or sport or exercise, then now look like the perfect opportunity to do so as your routine and timetable is finally starting to settle down.


Cancer, stop putting it off and finalise those holiday plans once and for all. If you’ve been considering doing some touring or going somewhere new for a while, then look into ways that you could make this a possibility in the future. Why not invite some friends to join you? You may have to work a little harder than you have been lately in order to get what you want.


The people you spend your time with – such as family and friends – will be in a particularly good mood today Leo, so make the most of their pleasant humour. However, this generosity may not be without it’s own price as they may ask some favour of you in return at a later stage.


Good news for you today Virgo because it looks like whatever you put your mind to throughout the day, you will be successful at. Don’t let previous negative experiences put you off trying something new; let the past where it is and stop allowing it to dictate your future. Even though you generally do not pay attention to other people’s negativity, it’s a good idea to listen to the advice of the people you respect.


Thankfully, the hard work and extra effort you have been putting in lately will not go unnoticed today and you will receive the thanks and gratification you deserve. This will motivate you to keep up your good work going forward. Consider up-skilling or raising your level of expertise in some way as this added qualification might help you to become more financially secure in the future.


While it never hurts to have big dreams and plans, the ones you have conjured lately are not exactly what could be described as realistic. Imagination is great and the people who know you best are well aware that you have a very active one, but don’t be too disappointed if the reality is a little more attainable. Those who you look to for support, will not let you down.


Sagittarius may find themselves enlightened in some way or perhaps even come to a decision on something that has been bothering them for some time. You may also discover something about someone you thought you knew and this is likely to change your opinion of them entirely. You may not be in the mood for small talk and making light hearted jokes as you might have other, more important matters to deal with.


Capricorn should be pretty pleased with themselves this Friday as now is the perfect opportunity for them to expand their horizons and to finally get going on a project they have been thinking about for some time. Even if you find that your circumstances have been particularly favourable in the past number of weeks, don’t become complacent and rely completely on this.


Try not to overthink everything quite so much Aquarius; while it’s always good to be alert and mature when making decisions, you should also allow yourself to live in the moment and not constantly be worrying about ‘what ifs’. Trust your instincts and they should not lead you too far astray.


Even though this may come as somewhat of a surprise to you Pisces, this Friday is looking pretty favourable for you to indulge yourself with whatever you deem necessary. Treats and surprises will not be in short supply. Feel free to explore any new options or possibilities that are made available to you and don’t feel guilty about following a different path to the one you originally thought you would choose!