Look for ways and opportunities to express yourself today, Scorpio. 



Aries today you are likely to be a lot more aware of not only your own feelings and emotions but also of the people around you. The ability to steer clear of dangerous or unpleasant scenarios will come naturally to you. You may find love or happiness in a very unexpected place. Sometimes, regardless of how hard you try, certain people will not change their ways.



Throughout the day Taurus, you will notice that you will be able to deal with whatever issues are bothering you in a calm and collected manner.  If you’ve been struggling to come to an agreement with your partner or other half over the past few days, then you will be glad to hear that a plan is soon to be put in place that will benefit both of you going forwards.



Gemini your sense of loyalty to the people you care about the most will be extremely strong today and you will want to defend them in any way that you can. As the day draws to a close you will be able to concentrate better on other matters that also require your attention. Your attention to detail will count for an awful lot so make sure you don’t miss anything important!



You will find it very easy to tell people how you are (and are not) feeling this Friday, Cancer. However, you would be wise to take other people’s feelings into account when saying these things going forwards as they may take offence to some of the things you have to say. Perhaps if you have some artistic or creative ideas stored away, now would be a good time to explore them.



Leo, good news for you today as the chances of good things happening to both you and your family throughout the day is looking likely. If there has been some kind of argument or disagreement on your mind then, coming up with a solution to the problem will be foremost on your to-do list. Dreams and plans are great to have, but make sure you keep these somewhat reasonable.



Virgo, prepare to be very inspired throughout the day and by a very unlikely source at that! A holiday or some time away from your usual daily routine, could do you the world of good. You may become privy to news or information today that very few people are aware of; try your best to be discrete about this. A more positive outlook will have a great effect on you.



Libra, expect to see an increase to your savings today and this may be the result of a more conscious effort to be penny wise on your behalf. Although, this won’t mean very much to you if other areas in your life, that are more important to you, are still in a bit of turmoil. You might struggle to be a biased in a situation you find yourself in – be careful with your words or else you could be seen to be taking sides.



Scorpio will find that this Friday will bring them plenty of chances to express themselves and the more creative side of their personalities. Because of this, now also looks like a successful time for you to try and further your career, particularly if you’re interested in the marketing side of your sector. If you find that someone in particular is continually trying to get the upper hand, assess the situation before deciding whether or not it is worth saying something.



The opportunity to push any negativity you have going on to one side and instead embrace a more cheerful outlook, will present itself to you today Sagittarius. Whether or not you decide to take this on board is up to you, however doing so will benefit you greatly in the long run. Try not to associate yourself with anything, or anyone for that matter, who is inclined to dampen your mood.



A kind and thoughtful gesture will be greatly appreciated by you today Capricorn, but be careful that you do not begin to take someone else’s kindness for granted. The people you surround yourself with will not only provide you with great company, the topic of conversation could also have a big impact on you! Trying to decide if it’s worth saying what’s on your mind is tricky, but a good way of deciding is assessing whether it’s worth staying quiet about or not!



If you can offer your assistance throughout the day Aquarius, either to someone in a position of power or perhaps even to someone whom you are in charge of, you should endeavour to help them out. You may end up becoming very close to someone without even realising it. If this is the case, then maybe romance could be a possibility also! If you feel as though you have done no wrong, don’t let someone else try to convince you otherwise.



Today you will feel very strong Pisces, both physically and mentally, and this will help you to face whatever challenges you find yourself coming up against. You can almost certainly expect your leadership skills to be put to the test (at least once), however this will give you a chance to prove yourself and show off your skill set.