Trust your instincts today, Cancer.



Aries, you would be advised to start your chore list early and aim to be finished all pressing tasks before the evening time this Friday. If you’re currently experiencing some difficulties, then try and get these sorted and out of the way before they become too much to wrap your head around.


Taurus, you will have many chances and opportunities at your fingertips throughout the day, so put these to good use. You may be faced with some challenges also where your will power will be tested; the results that follow will enable you to learn an awful lot about the person you are!


Pour all of your attention and energy into one particular task throughout the day this Friday Gemini, if you really want to make it a success. Otherwise you may have to accept defeat against your will. This is also likely to annoy you more in if you it could have been avoided.


Intuition and trusting your natural instincts will be your best bet throughout the day Cancer. This combined with your already existing traits will help you to face any challenges you come up against – particularly the unexpected ones!


Leo, this Friday will be all about de-cluttering for you; this could be a physical thing whereby you finally throw out all of the things that are leaving your apartment in a mess, or you might have a more spiritual approach to this and look at areas of your life that you could work on.


Virgo, today will be a good time for you to focus your attentions on any jobs or tasks that require your complete concentration! It might be a good idea to seek out a quiet space or somewhere where you will not be constantly disturbed to get this done.


Today Libra may experience some mixed emotions or confusion; grappling with whether you should treat yourself to all the nice things your heart desires, or knowing that saving your hard earned cash for more practical necessities. Whichever one you choose – don’t beat yourself up about it!


Scorpio, all throughout this Friday how your feeling and the way your emotions affect you will have a big impact on the things you say and the decisions you make. The will also effect how people perceive you, so pay attention to this.


The more mature, and responsible side of your personality will have to be the side that you rely on today Sagittarius. If in doubt, your best option is to go with the safest and least dangerous choice you are faced with. Don’t allow someone to take advantage of your kindness or good nature.


Capricorn, sometimes the safest option is the best one to choose. This is especially important today as you may be faced with some unusual, and extremely difficult situations. Why not get a second opinion from a friend or close relative? If you don’t like what they have to say, you don’t have to do it!


Aquarius, your duties and responsibilities will not leave you today (no matter how hard you try to loose them!). Therefore, it’s best to work on finishing any pressing tasks sooner rather than later and you will not be burdened by these by the time the evening hours arrive.


Pisces, take full advantage of your chance to express your creativity and artistic nature. You are likely to be feeling very emotional today also; not necessarily in a weepy way, rather you will be in tune with others and the world around you, allowing you to relate well to the people you encounter.