Taking time for yourself - doing whatever makes you happy

Taking time for yourself - doing whatever makes you happy

With all the talk about valentines and romance, and the sympathetic-but-not-really head tilts if you find yourself single, this time of year can be a bit rough if you’re flying solo.

Which is why it’s more important than usual to be kind to yourself. Come on, you know you’d be all about how brilliant your mates are on Galentine's Day, why not do the same for yourself?

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a break – and some treats! Like these:

Buy yo’self something nice

An obvious one but when you treat yourself good, the joy is real. If you’re low on cash this is of course budget dependent but you don’t have to spend loads – just pick up something that will make you smile. Our top picks? A file and polish (or treatment, if you have the cash), a whopper lipstick that’s just a liiiiitle bit spendier than you’d usually go for, something sparkly from & Other Stories or Penneys – or a fancy candle to bring the good vibes home.

Throw on all the lotions and potions

No plans? Book in the full works - at home. We're talking hair mask, face scrub, face mask, body scrub, body oil, hand cream, foot cream...the lot. Put on some good tunes and slough, scrub and moisturise every bit of you. You'll have the skin of a newborn and, if you add in a freshly made bed to crawl into afterwards, well that's pretty close to perfect. 

Lose yourself in a good film

If you’re nursing a heartbreak, a good cry at a classic weepie can really help. Science says so!  Crying releases the stress hormone cortisol (and, it's thought, happy-hormones endorphins) so it’s actually healthier to have a sob. And if you’re doing so on your couch at home, there’s minimal danger of someone spotting you all blotchy faced after a meltdown in Centra. Or opt for a good belly-laugh comedy to boost those feel-good endorphins instead.

Fall down a YouTube rabbit hole of your celeb crush

Strangely addictive, and soothing (as you regress to a teenager, laughing like you actually know your crush in real life). Start with a recent interview clip and soon you’ll be eight years deep, gasping at dodgy hairdos, former spouses and – quite often, sketchy dance routines or cheesy quizzes. An excellent way to spend an hour or five.

Have a great, big early night

The biggest self-care treat there is! And a really early night feels like an indulgence - how often do you do it? (Well, when you're not absolutely exhausted and fall into bed.) Doing it properly will give you a great night's rest. Ditch the screens at least an hour before bedtime, to give your brain a chance to wind down; sprinkle a few drops of lavender on your pillow to help you relax and make sure you're room isn't too hot. The benefits of an early night? It can help your moods, calm stress levels and your skin will look only fabulous too.

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