brie larson

brie larson

On Friday’s we wear our hair half up.


With an extra five minutes tomorrow morning (the traffic’s always slightly better on a Friday!) why not go all out and try a new hairstyle? We’ve taken our style inspiration this week from the gorgeous Brie Larson and her Oscar hair do from last weekend. As always, she looked amazing and we can’t see why we can’t have our locks looking as gorgeous. Even if it is just for a regular Friday!


Here’s the lowdown from Great Lengths Ireland:



And here’s the step by step guide – it’s so much easier than you might think! 

Before styling, hair should be freshly washed and blasted dry.

You Will Need:

  • Waving wand
  • Paddle brush
  • Backcombing brush or tail comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Decorative broach/hairpiece
  • A setting spray like I.C.O.N. Reformer
  • A finishing spray like I.C.O.N. Done


  1. Starting at the nape, take 1” sections of hair, spritz with I.C.O.N. Reformer then wrap around the barrel of the wand (with the wand pointing down)
  2. Hold for a few seconds then release. Repeat with additional sections, taking care to always wind in the same direction
  3. When the first row is complete, take a panel above and repeat the process
  4. Repeat until all the hair is prepped at the back, then spritz with I.C.O.N. Done finishing spray
  5. Use a comb to create a neat centre parting, then curl the hair at the sides using the same process
  6. For the top section, wind in the opposite direction to avoid creating a kink at the hairline
  7. When all the hair is curled, mist with I.C.O.N. Finishing spray then pull a paddle brush through the lengths. Sweep all the hair to the back
  8. Section the hair at the crown. Mist with I.C.O.N. Reformer then backcomb at the roots – this will create a little padding for the hairpiece to be attached to
  9. Place your hairpiece then secure with bobby pins
  10. Take a diagonal section of hair from the temple to the back of the ear. Twist towards the back of the head then wrap around the hairpiece. Spritz with I.C.O.N. Done for extra hold then tuck the ends behind the hairpiece and secure with pins
  11. Repeat on the second side
  12. Refine the look ensuring a neat result, then give all the hair a final mist of I.C.O.N. Done


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