It’s easier than it sounds, promise!

Simple, more paired back looks have been making a big comeback on the red carpet recently, and the ‘less-is-more’ mantra has never been so relevant. Many starlets, both young and old, are opting to introduce a bit of retro glamour into their look by styling their hair in the ever-popular, Hollywood Waves. While it always looks timeless and seriously impressive too, you can achieve this look at home with a lot less effort than you would think. Follow these six easy steps to have beautiful, silver screen siren hair in no time.


You will need:

  • Paddle brush
  • Large round brush
  • Hair dryer
  • Large hair clip
  • Curling wand
  • A volumising mousse like L’Oréal STUDIO/PRO Volume Mousse
  • A volumising hairspray like  L’Oréal STUDIO/PRO Volume Hairspray


Before styling, hair should be freshly washed and dry.

  1. Starting at the top of the head, avoiding the roots, coat the hair with L’Oréal STUDIO/PRO Volume Mousse and comb through using a paddle brush.
  2. Work the mousse into the hair by taking a round brush and section-by-section wrapping the hair around it and drying, until you are left with a soft bouncy curl. Repeat this process with all the hair is dry and slightly curled.
  3. Again taking the hair in sections of about 1” in diameter, spray with L’Oreal STUDIO/PRO Boost Volume Hairspray and curl tightly using a curling wand. You will be left with an ‘Irish Dancing style wig’ for a little while, but don’t panic. Repeat this process until all the hair is curled.
  4. Taking a fine tooth comb, gently brush through the hair, being careful not to completely brush out the curls.
  5. Once this is complete, curl any remaining hair once more if necessary to create more definition and gently brush through again.
  6. Once this is complete, spray with the L’Oreal STUDIO/PRO Boost Volume Hairspray to hold any stray hairs in place.


Finish off your look with some winged liner and a slick of red lipstick and you’ll be ready to rival Hollywood’s best.